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Gillian Anderson Married Life: Divorced Twice, Still Searching For New Boyfriend

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Among various celebrities with incomplete married life, Gillian Anderson married life is considered as most unfortunate one. Gillian, 48, has faced end-up relation twice in her life. Even she has succeeded in her career, her personal life seems felonious. For now, she is hoping for a partner in her life, after split with second husband. Today we will be discussing about Gillian Anderson married life, who are her ex-husband, and what was the reason for divorce.

Gillian Anderson Married Life History: Ex-Husbands and Divorce

Anderson is not married now, her marital status in divorcee. She married and divorced twice. Who were her ex-husbands then? Let’s find out!

Clyde Klotz: Gillian’s First Husband

Clyde, well known as The X-Files assistant director was first husband of Gillian. Their affair started while working together for the series. This series is also considered as the one which boosted her career too high.

Gillian Anderson and Clyde Klotz

Clyde and Gillian married in 1st January, 1994. Also, they welcomed their first baby girl in September same year. This shows that, their physical relation started far before the marriage (Oops). But their married life didn’t went well and end up in 1997, three years after they tied knot.

Julian Ozanne: Gillian’s Second Husband

After seven years of first divorce, in 2004, she married Julian Ozanne. Ozanne is the well-known documentary maker. It’s still unknown how or where they met. Their married life too came to an end. This duo ended faster than the previous one, just in 2 years, in 2006.

Gillian Anderson and Julian Ozanne

Gillian Anderson Living-In Partner Mark Griffiths and Two Children

Anderson met Mark Griffiths soon after the divorce with Julian. They started dating in 2006, after the divorce was passed. In her life, this relation is taken as the longest one, yet is not a married life.

Gillian and Mark were in living-in relationship, and thus were not married. In the same year of the divorce with second husband, she gave birth to her second child (first for Mark) and named him Oscar. Her third child (second for Mark) was born on 2008 and named as Felix. Both were baby boy.

Gillian Anderson and Mark Griffiths

This relation too faced its tail in 2012, after 6 years of relationship. This news surely gave a shock to fans and followers who were happy with her life.

What is Gillian’s Marital Status Now? Is She Dating Someone?

Currently, her marital status is ranked as single. As she is divorcee before, she is currently single and is waiting for someone perfect to start her new life together. For now, she is not too serious in starting new life. Once, she said that she is waiting for someone to ask her out. Also, Gillian claimed her being heterosexual.

For now, we wish best of luck for her better future and find the perfect partner for her prosperous future.