Is Dana Delany Married? Know Her Dating History in Detail!

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Dana Delany
Born NameDana Welles Delany
Birth PlaceNew York City, New York, USA
Height5 feet 6 inches
Net Worth$10 million
Age62 years
SiblingCorey Delany and Sean Delany
ParentsMary Delany and Jack Delany

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What is one thing that every girl around wishes for? Apart from building a successful career, what they usually wish for is to hitch with one nice guy who loves and adores her for life. But, this thing is not compulsory for all girls and ladies. Some really do like the single life and do not hitch sooner.

A similar thing has happened in Dana Delany’s life as well. She already passed 62 years in age, but still, she has not thought of marrying. Today, we will be discussing Dana Delany’s dating history as well as disclose about her marital status.

Did Dana Delany Marry Secretly? Who is Her Husband?

Although she is above 60, Dana Delany still looks hot and gorgeous. Because of that, people have confusion about her age. Moreover, there are thousands of people out there searching for her personal information to try luck.

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Guys, be happy as Dana has not hitched yet. She is happily residing in her own world and is pretty busy on her schedule. Thus, we suspect that she does not have enough time to think about marriage. Marriage or say tying knot is one pure relation that comes to existence when one agrees to adore and cooperate with another. But in her case, she has not found someone to love her yet. Well, not so true as she dated quite a few guys before. We will be checking that information below.

Once, when Star Pulse took her interview, she gave one statement:

‘For those who think not marrying is weird; I have seen those people who have divorced, and I know marriage does not always give happiness.’

This statement was quite good, but then again she disclosed something interesting. Although she does not look forward to marrying someone, she do want to date people. She added that she loved dating but not marrying.

Dana Delany’s Dating History!

As mentioned earlier, Dana does not want to tie the knot but she looks forward to date. So, what might be the reason behind that? Is it because of her past affairs? Let’s find out!

The very first person to come into Dana’s life was Dave Holmes. This news was claimed by both but the information regarding when they started dating and the reason for their split still remains unknown. In the same time, Delany appeared with another actor Robert Blake as well.

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The lover boys on her nit list also include some politicians and celebrities. She hooked up with John Kerry and Don Henley. Back in the 80s, Dana dated Treat Williams as well. Some other to be in her dating list are James Woods, Henry Czerny, and John Sacret.