Chyna Tahjere Griffin, daughter of the famous American singer as well as record producer, Faith Evans, is a singer and songwriter too. Following her parent’s footsteps, Chyna Tahjere managed to make a well-recognized name for herself in the music industry.

While many of you might be well-known about her career and mother but what about her personal life, Is Chyna Tahjere Griffin dating someone?….or still single? Scroll below to know more.

Who Is Chyna Tahjere Griffin?

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is the eldest daughter of Grammy-Award-winning singer, Faith Evans, and step-daughter of the legendary gangster rapper, Biggie Smalls. Following her parents’ footsteps, Tahjere Griffin is also well-recognized as an emerging star in the music industry.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is popular for the unique style of her music. Although she followed her parents to pursue a career in the music industry, she did not copy anyone and created her own approach.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Chyna Tahjere Griffin possesses a net worth of $500 thousand. She gathered most of the fortunes from her career as a musician. In fact, she released several mix-tapes and singles which gained good popularity, as a result, she headed in generating great riches.

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Faith Evans’ daughter, Chyna released her first single in 2012. Her first single, Grown Lady got popular and was even listed on the Billboard Charts. The same year she released her mix-tape, Alright with Kiyamma. She also released several mix-tapes with famous artists including Snoop Dogg, Warren G.

Watch: Chyna Tahjere Griffin’s Grown Lady

Grown Lady singer headed in gathering pleasing riches from her musical career. A musician in the USA makes an average income of $45 thousand to $70 thousand annually, however, with a unique style of music, she certainly earns more than the average or so we presume.

Faith Evans’ Net Worth

Chyna Tahjere Griffin’s mother, Faith Evans possesses a net worth of $9 million. However, some also claim her net worth to be around $3 million, which by looking at her career, seems unrealistic. Evans’ successful career as a singer, songwriter, and record producer helped her in summoning her fortune. She established her name as a prominent artist in the industry and was able to gather marvelous fortunes.

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Biggie Smalls’ wife, Evans gathered magnificent riches from her musical career. In 1995, from the sales of her album Faith, she managed to earn a total of $1.2 million. Similarly, the following year, she earned $1.5 million from the platinum sales of her album. Evans, moreover, managed to earn a total of $6 million only from the sales of albums.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin’s Personal Life: Who Is She Dating?

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is currently dating her boyfriend, Bobby Brown. Like Tahjere, her boyfriend is also a popular musician and rapper whom she met while recording a song. Ever since their first meet, Brown, and Tahjere got into a romantic relationship and are together till date.

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Scrolling through the couple’s Instagram, they frequently keep on posting photos with each other on Instagram. It looks like the couple is having an enchanted relationship that looks to be blossoming even further in the future too.

Regarding her family life, Tahjere was born from her mother, Faith Evans and her former husband, Kiyamma Griffin. She also has a brother, C.J Wallace who is also a rapper and musician. The 37-year-old is also the step-daughter of the legendary rapper Biggie Smalls/The Notorious B.I.G.

Chyna Tajhere Griffin’s Body Measurements

Born on 1st April 1993, Chyna Tajhere Griffin stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Tajhere Griffin is a good-looking personality with black eyes and brown hair. She has a large build and weighs around 80 kilograms.

Quick Facts: Chyna Tajhere Griffin

Where is the birthplace of Chyna Tajhere Griffin?

United States

What is the Nationality of Chyna Tajhere Griffin?


Which Ethnicity does Chyna Tajhere Griffin belong to?


What is the birth sign of Chyna Tajhere Griffin?


What is the color of Chyna Tajhere Griffin’s eyes?


How tall is Chyna Tajhere Griffin?

5 feet 6 inches

What is the weight of Chyna Tajhere Griffin?

80 Kilograms

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