It’s a tough deal to unveil one’s sexuality when it’s distinct from the usual. Social Media star Ben J Pierce finally surfaced his gay sexuality via internet grace and evidently garnered numerous followers. Who could fail to remember when he looked like Oakley in the video “TRANSFORMING TYLER OAKLEY INTO ME” in June 2015?

An actor, YouTube star Ben J Pierce stand-up comedy tactics and sketch comedy tricks led him to accumulated 228 subscribers in his KidPOV channel. So, let’s discover what his wiki says? Is Pierce dating?

In this particular column, we’ll unfold his dating life, success in social media net worth, YouTube personality, gay sexuality, brother, and wiki-bio.

Is Ben J Pierce dating or married?

At a time Ben J Pierce is an adorable cutie, while the other time, he is elegant in make-up. Pierce social media give the glimpse of whether he is dating or married to someone who adores him like the way he is. In one of his videos, he responded to the queries to Alexis G.Zall that he has been hitched to her.

Well, social media star Ben J Pierce was referring to the video collaboration with Alexis G.Zall where the pair satirically married each other. Also, the pair depicted their first wedding night in the following video. Similarly, Alexis G.Zall twitter revealed how he is happy with gay wife, Alexis G.Zall. But the same picture is not accessible through the Instagram link as they unveiled how it got hacked in the same video.

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Last year, in October, it amazed most of his followers, when he uploaded the picture with Olivia Welch, captioning

“I’m not dating her, but I’m dating her more than anyone else I’m dating.”

Consequently, it raised one of the curiosities whether Pierce turned into straight orientation. We know that how he is renowned for the pun lines. Hence, the Instagram feed must either spent on pun lines or something that he intends to convey.

Ben J Pierce Net worth

The viral success of his self-produced music video Little game and Boys Will Be Boys earned Ben J Pierce recognition in social media. He is also an actor featuring in Hiding in Plain Sight in 2012 and season 2 of Guidance as ‘Smiley.’

Pierce net worth counts on his YouTube personality, music tenacity and the movies he has appeared in. Sadly, the net worth Ben J Pierce is still under review. But she might definately make an impressive net worth of around $300 Thousand. He makes his money from his social media career.

Ben J Pierce Career in YouTube, Make-up, and Movies

At the age of eleven years old, he moved to career path acting. Ben J Pierce appeared n the feature film called Hiding in Plain Sight in 2012 and season 2 of Guidance as ‘Smiley’ in 2016.

On August 28, 2011, he created own YouTube account KidPOV posting the first video called “‘Call Me Maybe’ – Swift Youth Group, Alabama Roadtrip.” He rose to prominence level for videos like Why Boys can’t wear make-up, why boys can’t wear pink, naughty red make-up tutorial and so on.

In 2014, he surfaced over the internet as Benny for a self-produced music video of Little game. Now, the video has reached over 14 million views, which depicts the stereotypes of gender roles in society. Two years later, Boys will be boys garnered similar success among the LGBT society.

Ben J Pierce Wiki-Bio; Age, Brother, Early Life, and Facts!

He was born on February 19, 1999, in Dallas, Texas. Currently, Ben J Pierce age is 19-years old. Pierce has a twin brother Glen. When the social media surfaced twin brother pictures, fans interrogated his brother who looked like him. So, he opened up to have a twin brother named Glen and even uploaded the video titled Life With My Twin Brother.

Pierce took a daunting lease of expressing gay sexuality towards society. Before, being the part of LGBT representation, he scared for what stereotyped society would do once they are aware of his orientation. He would spy on LGBT YouTubers and fetch the movies based on them sitting n the corner of the room.

With the virtue of the internet, Pierce thought of getting rid of stereotype skin. He produced music video titled Little game in 2014, which successfully surpassed million of views and turned the source of inspiration for self-discovery journey.