Famous for playing in the ABC‘s TV series, Jason King, Ayshea is an English actress and singer. Starting her career as a singer, she later managed to have a well-recognized career in acting.

Ayshea who started her career as a singer made a well-recognized career in acting and modeling. Well, in this article, let’s dive into Ayshea’s life and know more about her.

Who Is Ayshea?

Ayshea Hague better known as Ayshea is an English singer, actress, and television personality. Hague is famous for playing in the movie, Jason King and in the TV series UFO. She started her acting career in 1965 from the TV series, Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Ayshea came to the limelight after releasing her single, Eeny Meeny. Later she released several singles and EP’s that helped her in establishing herself as a prominent singer.

Ayshea’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Ayshea Hague possesses a net worth of $2 million. Hague gathered her fortune from her career as an actress, singer and a television personality. She featured in several movies, TV series, released various albums and worked for several channels that helped her in gathering a great fortune.

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Ayshea released several other singles and EP’s such as Another Night, Master Jack, Old Fashioned Love Song, Farewell, Ayshea, Lift Off with Ayshea to name a few. She also performed at several grand stages and generated an average earning of $40 thousand to $150 thousand annually from her career as a singer.

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Besides her singing career, Ayshea also generated an impressive pay from her acting career. She featured in several movies and TV series such as Jason King, UFO, Smoke Over London, Nine Hours to Rama, Tom Thumb. Moreover, Ayshea made notable appearances in the series and movies and generated an average income of $60 thousand to $320 thousand from her acting career.

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The actress also made a satisfying income from her career as a reality TV star. She hosted and presented several TV shows and programs such as The Women of UFO, Goodbye Granadaland, Celebrity Squares, Look Alive and made an average income of $30 thousand to $70 thousand annually as a TV star.

Ayshea’s Personal Life: Is She Married?

Ayshea is not married to anyone currently. She might be involved in a secret relationship with someone, however, she is yet to reveal details about her dating affairs. Although she was involved in a couple of marital relationship in the past, she may not be involved in any serious relationships for now.

Ayshea was first married to her former husband Christopher Brough in the past. She met her first husband, Brough during her college days and got involved in a marital relationship after years of dating. The former couple tied the knot in 1969, however, they later separated.

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After separating from her first spouse, Ayshea later walked down the aisle with her actor husband Michael Levy whom she met during the production of a movie. She shared her nuptials with Levy in 1985 and later separated in 1990. Since then, Ayshea hasn’t been in any kind of intimate or romantic relationships.

Ayshea’s Body Measurements

Born on 12th November 1948, Ayshea stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. She is an attractive and good-looking personality with brown eyes and black hair.

Quick Facts: Ayshea

Where is the birthplace of Ayshea?

London, England, UK

What is the nationality of Ayshea?


Which ethnicity does Ayshea belong to?


What is the birth sign of Ayshea?


What is the color of Ayshea’s eyes?


How tall is Ayshea?

5 feet 4 inches

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