Aasiyah Shah is a new rising and struggling actress from the UK who began her acting career by performing in theatres before she landed her role in shows including the HBO TV series, Raised by Wolves.

Aasiyah Shah Has Pakistani Origin

The talented actress Aasiyah Shah carries the ancestry of belonging to the Pakistani heritage. Needless to say, as a British woman, she grew up with a homely culture of Pakistani traditions along with a strong South Asian background.

British Pakistani actor, Aasiya Shah.
Source: Mandy

Aasiyah was brought up in East London by her beloved father and mother. Other than that, Shah is a Muslim by religion as she adheres to the faith of Islam. Other than that, Shah has maintained to keep her private life matter including her boyfriend and relationship information under her vest.

Not to mention, the lowkey Aasiyah Shah isn’t available for her fans to follow on social media either. It seems as Shah has her Instagram page on private mode too. Hopefully, Aasiyah will be ready to introduce herself to her fans through social media soon.

Aasiyah Shah’s Acting Career Appreciation

First things first, Aasiyah Shah is one talented and new striving actor in the acting industry. If it wasn’t for her hard work, she would definitely not be here where she is today. No wonder, she was able to land on many roles just in her twenties, for someone with an ethnic background in Hollywood.

Aasiyah Shah portrayed Holly on Raised by Wolves.
Source: Yorkshire Post

In regards to the concern, Shah is currently best known for her role as Holly on the top-rated HBO series, Raised by Wolves. Aasiyah has also contributed to other projects including Shia Sunni, a short film.

The former theatrical actor is also appreciated for her work in the play called Anita and Me where she gracefully performed the character Meena, Sundowning by Nessah Muthy, a Kali Theatre’s production where she played Alisha and another play called On Hold.

And, as a beginner in the film industry, Aasiya is yet to earn a hefty of money from the industry. But, so far, by assuming what theatrical and newcomers make as an actor, Shah can be estimated to have made an income of no less than $15,000.

Know More About Aasiya Shah

  • Flaunts dark hair and matching Brown eyes.
  • Shah can sing too and has a passion for music.
  • Portrayed a character with mental illness for the play, On-Hold.
  • Attended West London College to study acting for two years.
  • Aasiyah can fluently speak Urdu and Punjabi.

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