Zoe Ligon is an activist social worker spreading awareness about sexual education and an entrepreneur too. In addition to that, the young diva has also recently started on her television journey.

So how did the 27-year old artist manage to make such huge fame and worth so early? Let us dive right into her professional pathway and get some insight.

Belongs in the Millionare Club

The enchanting beauty possesses a boasting net value of $2 million at such a young age. But how did this all happen so fast?

Sex Educator and Journalist

The 27-year old diva is an active journalist who works upon spreading sex education around the world. She believes that there is nothing wrong with the intimate affair that people share with one another as long as it is safe. Furthermore, she claims that till date, she has slept with more than 100 men and holds no regret about it.

Ligon is invited to different places and health camps to spread awareness about sex and how to avoid any sort of danger from it. Earlier this year, Tufts Sex Health Reps welcomed her to campus during health week on February 27.

A Prospering Entrepreneur

The Detroit based woman has been attempting to create a difference in the field of sex and pleasure. Nonetheless, she is the proprietor of a sex-positive toy store, Spectrum Boutique that believes in safe sex and education. Moreover, she and her organization focus on diversity and equality since they prepare their products for every identity.

Beyond the toys, her boutique also sells different types of books regarding awareness to couples and adults on that field. The books are sold in a price range of $15 to $30.

The sex toy emporium operates around the globe and the promising signs they have shown might turn into a huge growth with branches in other States as well.

On-screen and Magazine

Ligon began her on-screen career in a television series titled Kathleen, The TV Show in 2017 alongside the cast of Giovanni Saldarriaga and Amber Schaefer.

The CEO of Spectrum Boutique also featured in different global and glamor magazines like The Dots, Vice, and Salty.

Two Year-Long Relationship

The edutainer Zoe Ligon is currently dating Mark Ron Ecstasy and seems things are getting pretty serious by now. Ligon recently posted on her handle that the duo celebrated their two years of heavenly affair.

Past Affairs and Flings

The dashing journalist claims that she had numerous loving flings during her teenage. Surprisingly, Ligon pointed out that she had over 100 partners during those periods, with many one night stands.

The enchanting beauty is proud of her past and believes it to be one of the major reason behind her success today. Alongside, she believes keeping count helps her to re-live some great memories she had.

Quick Facts: Zoe Ligon

  • The 27 year’s old worked in different sex toy stores before founding her own company.
  • Following her father’s unfortunate death, Ligon decided to found her own company ‘Spectrum Boutique’.
  • She is an active social media user with Instagram and Twitter handles having 266k and 29.5k followers respectively.
  • The dashing personality also writes blogs and articles on improving personal hygiene and sex life.
  • Ligon once was infected of Gonorrhea but later treated it to safety.

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