The National Geographic adventure reality show “Monster Fish” presenter Zeb Hogan dares to take all the risk of holding the giant monster fish, not for his lunch or dinner feast. According to the aquatic ecologist himself, he likes to take photographs of those beautiful species and co-existence of this planet “to get people interested and excited about river conservation.” The National Geographic  TV presenter of the reality show Monster Fish is in true love with biodiversity conservation and his focus is monster fish.

How about Zeb Hogan love affair with a human girlfriend? Does he only love fish or does he also have a wife? Cause the family and married life of the fish lover is never his interest for publicity, even those who know him well also can’t say for sure who his wife is or whether he is married and has family and children.

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Those who have never seen him with a girlfriend spread the rumor that Zeb Hogan is a gay. Will this monster fish conservationist ever settle a married life or remain happy with his monster fish conservation expeditions? Scroll down to have a complete reading of Zeb Hogan age, wiki bio, wife, children, family, and married life.

Who Is the Wife or Girlfriend of the Supposedly Gay Guy?

The National Geographic Monster Fish reality show presenter Zeb Hog travels with his fish friends and river monsters, but not with any girlfriends. What’s the reason behind this? Is he in such a serious relationship with his fish friends that he has no room in his heart for a human girlfriend? Or, is he a gay guy who is not interested in dating a girlfriend?

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Our suspicions have no solid ground so that we confirm. Zeb Hog has never thrown any hints about his girlfriend, wife, children, and married life. Likewise, Zeb Hog is never seen holding any girlfriend as he is seen holding a monster fish. Our wonders go ponder as long as the aquatic ecologist chooses to keep his married life secret and traveling worldwide for the monster fish conservation. If he chooses to become gay, no questions for his freedom of choice.

Zeb Hogan and the Monster Fish Conservation Project

The National Geographic reality shows Monster Fish presenter Zeb Hogan is a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of California, Davis. Zeb Hogan interest is ecology and evolutionary biology.  He is currently the University of Wisconsin fellow and the World Wildlife Fund fellow.

Zeb Hogan mission is to save endangered fish and their habitats. The aquatic ecologist travels worldwide in his mission to save critically endangered fish and the livelihood of the people who share their habitats. Recently he is leading a new National Geographic Society projet to explore, identify, and work for the protection of the world’s largest freshwater fishes.

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Zeb Hogan seriously warns the human fellows of the planet that the interconnected wildlife extinction will consequently break the chain of human ties with the other fellow beings if the use of natural resources and the wildlife is not managed. In his opinion, we should equally care for the fresh waters as we attempt for the care of rain forests and coral reefs:

If use isn’t managed, we’ll see more and more extinctions. Freshwater biodiversity conservation – including animals like the Mekong catfish, river dolphins, and otters – is every bit as important as the protection of animals like tigers and whales, perhaps more. Let’s strive to protect fresh waters the same way that we care for rain forest and coral reefs.

The National Geographic elucidates why Zeb Hogan is interested in the monster fish conservation project. It is because of the world’s biggest freshwater fish, many of which weigh more than 200 pounds (90 kilograms), face the most significant threats. In his mission of the monster fish conservation, Zeb Hogan has become a part of a science team working on a new project in an area in Mongolia which is famous for its giant salmon.

Zeb Hogan Wiki Bio and Net Worth

Zeb Hogan was born on 12 October 1973 which makes his current age 45. He shared how many countries he has traveled but not how many springs of his life he crossed. He has reached almost six continents filming his monster fish shows but not a glimpse of his birthday, bio, and family. Yes, he is a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California, Davis. Before this, he had earned an undergraduate degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona. He got a Fulbright Scholarship to study Environmental Risk Assessment Program at Thailand’s Chiang Mai University.

Zeb Hogan’s income, salary, and net worth count all through his university job, monster fish shows, and publications. He studies the monster fish worldwide under the Megafishes Project. He must have collected millions. As of now, Hogan holds a net worth of somewhere around $2 million.