These days social media like Instagram and YouTube has helped many people to be in the spotlight. In the growing list of YouTubers, Slaiman is somehow who has been able to manage his busy professional career and love life.

The famous YouTuber Slaiman is also a pharmacist by profession. Isn’t it surprising to see how he can manage two completely different profession; a pharmacist and YouTube career? Moreover, Slaiman dating relationship with his girlfriend is going smooth side-wise.

So, we will be talking about Slaiman’ net worth, earnings, sources of income, salary, dating history, relationship affairs, and more. Check it out:

Who is Slaiman Dating Currently? Know his Dating Life and Relationship Affairs

If you follow Slaiman in his YouTube channel named Whealth by Slaiman, then you definitely know about his current relationship affairs. Slaiman actually came into the spotlight for his prank videos with his girlfriend.

Moreover, the pair even shares a combined YouTube channel with his girlfriend, Kate Martineau named Slaiman and Kate. Slaiman’s girlfriend Kate is an Instagram model who rose to fame for appearing in Slaiman’s video. Likewise, she is best known for being Slaiman’s girlfriend.

Slaiman and Kate, who keep their relationship quite simple, did not make any headlines regarding their relationship. There is actually no any headlines of their dating relationship ever broadcasted in the media.

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However, during a Q&A session video on YouTube, the pair revealed that they met in a bar for the very first time. In the same video, Slaiman revealed that Kate’s sexy legs fascinated him and eventually fell in love with her.

After a couple of catch-ups, the fell in love with each other and started dating. For now, it has been around a couple of years that Slaiman dating relationship with Kate began and they are still able to manage their relationship healthy and smooth.

Kate first started appearing in Slaiman’s YouTube channel in the videos like “Dating Other Girls PRANK on my Girlfriend” and “I DELETED my Girlfriend’s Instagram PRANK.

Slaiman and Kate have posted numerous engagement and proposal videos on their YouTube channel, and people are quite confused about whether they are actually engaged.

But it’s NO people. All those engagement and proposal videos are a prank, and they are yet to get engaged or married! For now, just enjoy Slaiman’s prank video on his girlfriend and Kate’ revenge videos on her boyfriend.

To know more about Slaiman dating relationship with Kate, keep visiting us.

How much is Slaiman’ Net Worth in 2018? Know his Earnings and Income

For your information; Slaiman is a famous YouTuber and the content creator behind the YouTube channel entitled Whealth by Slaiman. His YouTube is full of prank videos with his girlfriend.

Slaiman who is a pharmacist by profession started his YouTube career back in September 2014. However, a month later, he posted his first ever video on his channel, How to Avoid/Prevent a Hangover.

Since then, Slaiman has been posting several videos on his YouTube channel but came into the fame only for his prank videos with his girlfriend Kate. All those videos are only for entertainment purposes.

At the moment, it has been around three years since Slaiman started his YouTube career. In fact, he already gained over two million subscribers on his own YouTube channel Whealth by Slaiman.

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Similarly, he has a joint YouTube channel with his girlfriend, Kate entitled Slaiman and Kate, and the channel has over 417k subscribers and is increasing steeply.

While talking about Slaiman’ net worth in 2018, Slaimon owns an estimated net worth of $350,000. But while observing his lifestyle and earnings, his net worth seems to be of the higher figure.

Talking about Slaiman’ earnings, he earns around $6.73k to $1.1 million in a year whereas his monthly earnings are in between $5.6k to $89.7k. Similarly, he makes $187 to $3k per day.

Slaiman earned such a high figure of net worth from his YouTube channel. As per Social Blaze, he has over 300 million views on his YouTube channel and makes 500,000 average views in a year.

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With a simple calculation, he earns $900 from advertisements in a day and makes $330,000 per year.