Watching scary movies is the best when the story produces twists that nobody has expected. Is starring in the scary movie as exciting as watching it? The survivor of Scream Willa Fitzgerald as Emma feels exhilarated when she’s shooting the movie, best known for its horror and thrilling scenes.

Well, we know a lot about the actor Willa Fitzgerald’s professional career, but what do we know about her personal life? Is she dating someone? Does she have a boyfriend? Let’s find out.

Does The Brave Diva Willa Fitzgerald Own Anyone’s Heart?

Willa Fitzgerald, 26, is an American actress who was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Being a successful lady, is she dating anyone? To the lingering question of her fans, the answer is no. There is no record of her dating at the moment or in the past.

It is evident that she posts pictures of her male co-stars on her Instagram account who necessarily are not her boyfriend, that leaves fans questioning whether she’s really single. The question remains unanswered until she herself reveals her romantic relationship.

Dating comes far ahead in the future for career minded youth. She, as one of them, might be chasing her dreams.

Willa Fitzgerald Destined To Make Horror Movies Her Forte!

Thrillers make people jump out of their seat. What about Willa Fitzgerald who is starring in one of the horror movies? Well, she loves horror movies and has always been a fan of them.

In an interview with Glamour, she shared how she was fond of horror movies growing up and how a fan of horror movies can relate to her movie Scream.

“I was a huge fan of horror movies in general growing up. I would watch scary movies by myself at night with the covers pulled up around me. And I think the Scream movies are just so fun, especially if you’re a horror fan because they play on everything you know and reference things that you might not even have seen. I think our show does a good job of doing that now for a new generation in a totally new way, while still playing homage to the franchise.”

MTV’s Scream is the movie Willa Fitzgerald is famous for and she has also appeared as recurring roles on the movies Alpha House and Royal Pains.

She has portrayed the character Grace Fairchild in the crime series Gotham. In 2013, Fitzgerald completed her BA in acting from Yale University.

As a tight-lipped person, her personal information including her parents has not been made available. Similarly, her net worth is yet to be reviewed.