Say cheese and feel the embarrassment. Well, the experts say that it is not quite normal to have white teeth entirely; in fact, if your teeth are tad bit yellowish then it is expected to be healthy. But too much yellow stains on your teeth are not only annoying, but it does hamper your overall personality.

Additionally, the assumption about the health of your teeth is not only related to how white it is, but the severe tooth pain and cavities make the situation even worse.

Here are some tips and tricks to maintain the well-being of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice a day

Brush twice
Caption: Make your teeth happy if you want to be happy.

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No matter how lame it sounds, but this is one of the starting points to look after the healthiness of your denture. First things first, it should be a ritual to brush your teeth immediately after waking up in the morning and ending your day similarly before you head to the bed. The saliva dries up at night, so it is advised to clean all the plaque off the teeth before falling asleep.

Apple cider vinegar gargling

Apple cider and vinegar
Caption: Get rid of those yellow stains in your teeth with apple cider vinegar.

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There are multiple uses of vinegar besides employing it in your food or while making pickles. Vinegar is popularly known as a medium of taking off the stains or splotches. Every morning swish with vinegar and then start brushing afterward like you usually do. You can make the combination of water and vinegar too. It will kill the bacteria in your mouth and gums and will make your teeth appear white and healthy.

Use mouthwash

Caption: Mouthwash not only freshens up your breath but it also takes away the tiny food particles stuck in the corner of your teeth.

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Stinking breath or mouth odder is the biggest turn-off. It is onerous to identify if your breath smells. First, try to understand if your mouth is smelly, lick your palm and try to whiff it.

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If you smell something strange or ugly, then go for an alcohol-free mouthwash which will protect the tissues in your mouth from getting dried up and making it prone to the bacteria. The smelly order sometimes happens due to the problematic gums or decayed tooth as well. Gargling with salt water gives the biggest relief for tooth pain.

Peppermint tea

Caption: The amazing remedy for your tooth pain.

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Peppermint tea with a sweet flavor also helps in curing the unbearable tooth pain. Place one teaspoon of dried peppermint in a cup of boiling water and steep it for 20 minutes. Let it cool down and when it cools down swish it around the area where tooth pain is happening. Spit it out after the gargling is complete. It will soothe the swelling of gums naturally.

Have you heard of white-teeth diet?

Caption: Let spread the awareness of white teeth diet.

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Go for a white-teeth diet. The step is not too complicated. When you consume something that leads to immediate stains in your teeth, which might stay there and make its home place, then brush it off instantly and use a good bleaching agent after that, advised by the dentists. If you are a red wine lover or nicotine addicted then the outcome might not be a pearly white, but will certainly bring some change.

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Teeth are not just for chewing and swallowing. It has its world inside the mouth. Just like you take care of your body, skin, and hair, it needs equal attention and care. If it is not taken care of then, various problems might take away your peace of mind and good night sleep such as decaying tooth; pain caused due to wisdom teeth and cavities. Also, on the other side, smiling is a beautiful thing one can give and take.

If you are dentition becomes the reason for your embarrassment than happiness then life becomes a little difficult to live. So, do take care of it and spread the happiness inside and around. Make it a ritual of attending your dentists every month this way you will be able to create a great persona.