Ever wondered with whom, Pheobe (lively girl) from the beloved sitcom Friends married in real life. The lucky name was that of Michael Stern who got to exchange his name with the famous TV star Lisa Kudrow.

Kudrow herself doesn’t need much to say from her side. But the when and whereabouts of her husband has always been an untold story. So know about this blessed guy from the very beginning of his career. See how he won Kudrow’s heart in the first place including the details about his early life, family and even his net-worth.

Michael Stern’s Married Life: Is She Married To Anyone?

Michael Stern is famously married to one of the beloved Hollywood star, Lisa Kudrow. But how did the romance blossom?

Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow
Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow

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Well, Michael and Lisa have an amazing love story which started a long time ago. Michael met this future Friends’ star through one of his friend who was also a  former roommate with Lisa while she was in college.

But at the time, Stern was already in a relationship with Lisa’s earlier mentioned roommate. Yet, maybe it was the decision of fate that Stern’s relationship with Lisa’s roommate hit the rocks. As this eventually opened up the door for Stern and Lisa to try their love instead.

The soon-to-be couple started up as friends at first. And after a while, they became romantically attached to each other. Ultimately the lovebirds made it all the way to the altar on May 27, 1995. Stern and Kudrow’s big day was held in the oceanic city of Malibu, California.

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Two years onto their wedding, Lisa became pregnant during season 4 and 5 of the series titled Friends. Fun Fact: The storyline of Pheobe’s (played by Lisa) pregnancy in Friends season 4 and 5 is actually real.

The couple then finally welcomed their first sign of love, a son, Julian Murray Stern on May 7, 1997.

Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow with Julian
Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow with Julian

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Michael Stern and Wife Lisa Kudrow; A Couple Goals

Stern and his wife, however, isn’t that much of a fan of disclosing much information about Julian to the people. But for the time being, Julian as a 21 year-old-boy must be very proud of his businessman father and an actress mother.

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Additionally, the bond between Stern and his wife Lisa is a long-standing example for other celeb couples. Their togetherness for over twenty-two years is in itself a milestone.

In fact, Stern’s marriage with Lisa is regarded as one of the most successful in Hollywood. And we hope it stays like this for many years to come.

Michael Stern’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning?

While there isn’t a whole lot of accounts available on the pages about Michel Stern himself, we have still come up with some information or two on Michael Stern’s net worth.

Apparently, the Frenchman is currently worth around $1.1 million. But on the other hand, Stern’s girl, Lisa is worth quite a bit more than her husband.

Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow
Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow

Source: CBS News

And onto precision, saying from multiple sources, Lisa Kudrow’s estimated net worth stands at around $60 million! It still may not be that amusing to some but here’s the fact people, towards the end of Friends’ season 9 and 10, Kudrow was raking in $1 million per episode.

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Furthermore, according to recent metric, Stern’s wife along with her other Friends’ co-star still receives the show’s royalties to these days. As per the sources, the annual revenue WB is generating from Friends is a whopping figure of $1 billion.

And with 20% of it to each friends’ stars, Stern’s woman is still getting a hefty amount of $20 million per year.

Michael Stern’s Wiki-Bio

Michel Stern is initially from France, who was born in the year, 1958. Besides that, we haven’t been as lucky as Kudrow to wish him a happy birthday on his actual birth date.

So far, we know, he immigrated to the U.S. with his family. And the French-born is in the advertising business in the US. Thanks to Kudrow, Stern is more American than any other foreigner.

Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow
Michael Stern with Lisa Kudrow

Michel Stern has spent his entire adulthood in the career, convincing the most hot-headed critics to the most compliant serial believers, to purchase the products he advertises.

While his famous wife Lisa Kudrow is busy with the spotlights from the big screens, the courteous husband and a father is still focusing on equal fervor in his advertising career.

Quick Facts of Michael Stern

How old is Michael Stern?

39 years old

What is the nationality of Michael Stern?


Which ethnic background does Michael Stern follow?


Which religion does Michael Stern follow?


Where was Michael Stern raised?

Five Towns on Long Island

Where did Michael Stern graduate from?

Lawrence High School