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Lynette Paradise is the wife of a famous comedian Adam Carolla. She is also a successful businesswoman on her own.

With her side gig as a podcaster, Lynette Paradise is growing her prominence in media. She is also equally revered as an activist. Know how she became the wife of Adam Carolla, along with her net-worth, children and many more!

Lynette Paradise Wiki-Bio; Early Life, Parents & Age

Lynette Paradise Carolla was born on August 15, 1969, in Cleveland, Ohio. And as of now, she is already in her late 40s. Lynette is the only daughter of Helen Stella and Richard Alan Paradise. She descends from Italian ancestry.

Lynette Paradise
Lynette Paradise Source: Adam Carolla

To say more Lynette’s father was a Korean war veteran. He was then an advertising director at a television stadium in southern California. Lynette’s mother, on the other hand, was a dress designer.

But her mother later became a self-defense instructor. As a matter of fact, she was also the winner of the Ohio Women’s Championship in Taekwondo.

Lynette Paradise Married Life and Children

Lynette Paradise met her husband Adam while she was working at the new world entertainment. Adam was pursuing his career in comedy at the time of hosting the podcast Loveline.

Lynette with Adam
Lynette with Adam

Source: Marathi tv

The romance soon sparked between the two and after that Lynette and Adam dated for 6 years. The couple then finally tied the knot on September 28, 2002.

Lynette with Adam and her twin children
Lynette with Adam and her twin children

Source: The National

Onto their marital life, they move further ahead. As after then, Lynette went on to give birth to twins Natalia Carolla and Santino ‘Sonny Carolla on June 7, 2006.

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Fun Fact: The couple pushed back their twins’ birthday later because their due date actually fell on 06/06/06 which was traditionally the ‘devils day’.

Lynette Carolla’s Carrer and Empire

Lynette Paradise Carolla began her career by first enrolling herself in SAG/AFTRA. She then enlisted with an agent at the age of 7 to become a child actor. For a while, Lynette did some commercials and TV shows such as playing the role of Mighty Carson Art Player on the Tonight Show With Johny Carson.

Lynette Paradise
Lynette Paradise

Source: Valerie Anne pr

However, Lynette later became fed up with the acting career. And after that with her father’s suggestion, Lynette shifted her interest in the television business.

Some of her notable small screen projects include That 70’s Show, Roseanne and Third Rock From The Sun.

Lynette then began her career in associative sales for big companies like New World Entertainment and Carsey Werner Company.

Lynette further gained recognition when she started to hosts her own podcast on parenting called Crying Out Loud. This collaboration of hers with co-creator Stephanie Wilder-Taylor is among the top 5 list of family podcasts in iTunes.

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Lynette also assists her husband, Adam in running a successful podcast radio network called Carolla Digital(formerly AIE Broadcasting Network). The podcast also once aired The Adam Carolla Show, Ate on the House with Larry Miller, and Sunday School with Peen Jillette.

Lynette with Jimmy Kimmel
Lynette with Jimmy Kimmel

source: Zimbio

Lynette is also the founder, CEO and brand ambassador of Carolla Drinks. The firm brews and supplies their famous ‘Endless Rant IPA’.

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Carolla Drinks also subsidizes Adam’s popular original cocktail recipe the ‘Mangria’ for female. The cocktail is also available in men version with the name Sangria. It further comes in 3 arrays: Mangria Original Orange, Mangria White Peach and Pear, and Mangria Brose.

Lynette Paradise Carolla’s Net worth

Beside their brewery podcast, Lynette and Adam are also active in the real-estate market. In 2016, Adam sold his Hollywood Hills villa at a staggering price of $4.8 million which he bought in 2003 for $1.63 million.

Lynette Paradise
Lynette Paradise

Source: Debbie decingher

Add to that, the Carolla couple also made around $3.3 million for selling their property in Canada, Flintridge in 2005, which they bought for $2.96 million.

With notable appearances in several cult series, and simultaneously running as a successful entrepreneur it should go without saying, that Lynette is sure among the multimillionaires. And not to mention, if one ignores her pre-nuptial with her husband, Adam Carolla, she is also bound to enjoy his whopping wealth of.