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Famous for portraying the character of Lucy Ewing Cooper in the famous TV series Dallas, Charlene Tilton is an American actress, singer, and producer. Tilton featured in the TV series Dallas for over 12 years and rose to prominence.

Today in this article we shed information on Charlene Tilton career, net worth, earnings also including information about her married life, relationships, and datings.

Who Is Charlene Tilton?

Charlene Tilton is an American actress and singer best known for playing in the television series Dallas. Tilton made her first film appearance alongside Jodie Foster in the movie Freaky Friday.

Charlene Tilton has a net worth of $2 million.
‘Dallas’ actress Charlene Tilton.
Source: The Movie Store

Tilton is also a singer and had singing roles in various movies and TV series such as High Chaparral, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, Ragin’Cajun’ Dallas and many others. She debuted in acting in 1976 and was able to make a successful career.

Charlene Tilton Personal Life: Know About Her Marriage and Relationship?

Charlene Tilton was married to country singer Johnny Lee. The couple married in 1982 and later separated shortly after two years in 1984. Tilton also had a daughter Cherish Lee, born in 1982 from her relationship with Johnny.

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Cherish is paving her way in the country music just like her father.

In 1985, Tilton married the actor Domenick Allen. Tilton married Allen in 1985 and separated after seven years in 1992. Allen and Tilton divorced for irreconcilable reasons.

Charlene Tilton dating
Charlene Tilton and Domenick Allen. Source: GettyImages

Tilton began dating the cinematographer Cheddy Hart in 2001. The former couple enjoyed their time and lived together in a modest home in Oxnard, California. Hart and Tilton were together until Hart died of heart failure in 2009.

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The actress is currently single and has not been in a serious relationship since a long time. She is currently working for autism awareness in the media and seems very busy with it. She is also the brand ambassador for Actors for Autism, an organization that leads to improving and acting workshops for children and adults with autism.

Charlene Tilton Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Charlene Tilton holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. Tilton gathered her wealth from her career as an actress, producer, and a singer. She was featured in several movies and TV series and had producing roles in a couple of short and long movies that helped her gain fame as well as prosperity.

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The actress featured in the movie Superhero Movie that gathered $73 million against the budget of $35 million. She also had a notable appearance in $3 million dollar movie The Silence of the Hams. Similarly, she also had remarkable appearances in the TV series such as Dallas, The Love Boat, Happy Days and many others.

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Like other actresses in Hollywood, Tilton also makes an average salary that ranges from $60 thousand to $120 thousand as per her roles in the movies she plays. Similarly, she makes $20 thousand to $30 thousand per episodes from the TV series she features in.

Facts about Charlene Tilton

Where is the birthplace of Charlene Tilton?

San Diego, California, USA

How old is Charlene Tilton?

60 years old

What is the birth sign of Charlene Tilton?


What is the Nationality of Charlene Tilton?


Which Ethnicity does Charlene Tilton belong to?


What is the color of Charlene Tilton’s eyes?


How tall is Charlene Tilton?

4 feet 11 inches

Charlene Tilton Body Stats?