Westley Allan Dodd Crimes, Death Penalty, Net Worth, Earnings, Relationship, Parents, Age, and Wiki-Bio

Westley Allan Dodd killed 3 and he was killed by hanging in 1993.
Late American serial killer Westley Allan Dodd. Source: Alchetron
Born NameWestley Allan Dodd
Birth PlaceToppenish, Washington, U.S
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionSerial Killer
Net Worth$100 thousand
AgeKilled at 31
ParentsCarolyn S. Collins, Westley J. Dodd

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They say that be popular either by doing good things or by committing crimes. Westley Allan Dodd chose the latter way and became notorious.

Well, even though he didn’t earn a decent amount of money by murders but definitely earned a hex from lots of people around the world. Let’s have a close look at his early life, net worth, personal life, body measurements and more.

Who was Westley Allan Dodd?

Westley Allam Dodd was an American Serial Killer who was born on July 3, 1961, Toppenish Washington and left the world on January 5, 1993. He was also known as the Vancouver Child killer. Likewise, he also faced a lot of trouble for sexual crimes.

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The killer was the oldest son and along with him, two younger brothers were also in the family. He had once said that he was never told ‘I Love You’ while he grew up.

He became notorious after sexually assaulting and murdering three young boys in 1989 which, however, is just an example of his crime. As a result, he faced a death penalty by hanging on 5 January 1993. 

Westley Allan Dodd ‘s Net Worth and Earnings

Westley Allan Dodd held an estimated net worth of around $100 thousand. Well, to say frankly, he was not even worthy of his fortune. Only the earnings through hard work are counted and valued, don’t you agree? He gathered money from bad crimes like sexual assault, murder, in fact, solely by hurting others.

YouTube: Westley Allan Dodd in an interview in prison

The murderer, in addition, did not live a lavish lifestyle and prosperous life when he was alive. How could a person live happily after attempting murder? What do you think about this?

Personal Life of Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd was single and unhappy with his own life. Maybe he did not have the mentality to date. No rational human being desires to become a spouse of a criminal, isn’t it?

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The Vancouver Child Killer kept his personal life in a low key profile and mostly stayed in his apartment. In fact, he planned for a future child abduction by staying home. Along with that, he also used to construct a homemade torture rack for his victims.

Body Measurements/Stats of Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd was cool in his own way and handsome, except for his behavior. He had a very well defined facial structure with a wide forehead.

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Dodd’s body measurements, weight, height, we can assume from the pictures that he was tall and maintained his body with a good diet. Nevertheless, since he is no more, why would anyone care about his build?

Quick Facts Of Westley Allan Dodd

When and where was Westley Allan Dodd born?

July 3, 1961, Toppenish, Washington, U.S.

When and where was Westley Allam Dodd killed?

January 5, 1993, Walla Walla, Washington, U.S

How old was Westley Allan Dodd?

31 years old

Who are the parents of Westley Allan Dodd?

Carolyn S. Collins and Westley J. Dodd

What is the nationality of Westley Allan Dodd?