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Is Wendy Hurrell Married? BBC Weather Reporter Has A Daughter. Who is Her Husband?

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Weather Presenter of BBC, Wendy Hurrell is known to most of BBC viewer. If you know her, you surely like to know about her personal life too. As she is one beautiful charming persona, most of us like to dig into her personal life. When we tried to fulfill some questions like: Is Wendy Hurrell married or not? and Who is her husband?; we came to know some serious fact about her. Let’s discuss about her now!

Is Wendy Hurrell Married?

Although she has passed age of 34, she still looks like 25 years old girl. For most of her fans, she is one hottie. But being hot and attractive doesnot always mean the girl to be joined with other person. Wendy’s life is similar to that.
Hurrell’s name was jointly taken with many boys, and also was rumoured to be dating a boy; she always denied all those. She claimed herself being single without boyfriend or husband. Thus, she is not married yet!

Wendy Hurrell Has Daughter?

Despite the claim of being single and have no boyfriend, her fans and followers became shocked when she posted a picture of newly born baby on her Twitter account. As described in the caption, the baby girl name is Freya.

wendy hurrell daughter one

She also posted another photo on her Twitter exactly after a week on 26 December 2015. From then, she has never claimed who the father of the girl is. We cannot say she is adopted, as the picture she posted earlier might have been taken just few hours after the delivery.

Who is Wendy Hurrell’s Husband?

Being skeptic and mysterious is gist character of Hurrell. Thus, the answer of what everyone questioned: ‘Who is father of Freya?’ is still not known. Even when she posted about her daughter, she never mentioned about her husband in any case.

For this very reason, many gossip about her being secretly married came to media. She has maintained secrecy in her life, thus digging out information is one hard thing.

Who is Wendy Hurrell?

Who is Wendy Hurrell

Wendy Hurrell, formerly Wendy Louise Hurrell is the British-born girl of whose career stared after completing high school. Before joining BBC, she had worked on Broadland FM and Angila Television. She joined BBC as TV broadcaster in 2008.

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