Wayne Carini is one famous name in the car manufacturing industrial list. If you are a car lover, you must know him, as he is living legend with a large number of cars. He became successful in this industry as he has passion and goes thing for cars.

Today, we will be discussing car lover Wayne Carini net worth, his income sources, and married life. Stay put!

Wayne Carini Net Worth in 2017

Before jumping right into his net worth, let us introduce what kind of person Wayne really is. He is a number person who is contacted by almost all top celebrities for exotic cars. He is a car collector, who always comes to limelight for celebrities’ car restore and sales.

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Solely from collecting exotic and unique cars, selling parts and more, he increased his net worth from minion to million. As of 2017, Carini’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

As of 2022, Wayne Carini has a massive net worth of $25 million.

Wayne Carini’s Income Sources

Wayne Carini is the legendary name who appeared in the TV show and magazines numerous times for an interview. Likewise, for his car love, he is known worldwide. Solely to let people know how the vintage cars are more efficient, he made a documentary named ‘Chasing Classic Cars.’ Carini mentioned all three companies of his in his HD documentary i.e. Carini Carozzeria, F40 Motorsport, and Continental Auto Ltd.

Carini has long experience in cars. He honed his skills by helping in father’s work. His father used to fix Fords, Duisenberg and more brands. When he was just 9 years old, he rode Rosso Chiaro which built a love for Ferrari in him. When he was in elementary school, he used to earn $20 per month. Now, $2000 is not a big deal for him.

Who is Wayne Carini Married To?

The legend, Wayne married Laurie Carini to Laurie Carini and is living happily for now. The way they met and when they started hooking is not mentioned yet, but they are one strong couple. Moreover, they already passed four decades of married life and still are together.

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As it has already been more than 40 years, we do not think this couple to split sooner. Furthermore, we didn’t find any divorce issues and rumors. The legendary couple is blessed with two girls, named Lindsay and Kimberly.