An Inside Scoop On Award Wining Kenyan Filmaker Waniru Kahiu Wedding Details, Husband, Movie Career, Net Worth And Wiki-Bio!

Wanuri Kahiu age, wiki, bio, instagram, wedding, rafiki, husband, children, networth, ethnicity, 2018
Wanuri Kahiu

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Sometimes, the new attempts at the entertainment industry cope with boycott fallacy. For instance, the lesbian romantic movie Rafiki directed by Waniru Kahiu was banned in Kenya for the explicit movie content. On the contrary, Rafiki accompanied by Waniru Kahiu garnered positive response at Cannes and ridiculed Kenya for the ban on the film. A Kenyan film director, producer, and author, Waniru Kahiu is gathering limelight for the newly directed movie based on lesbian romance, Rafiki. Similarly, it has enhanced curiosities to know about Waniru Kahiu wedding details or Waniru Kahiu wiki.

Get to know everything about Waniru Kahiu wedding, husband, children, networth, presence in Instagram, personal details like age, ethnicity, parents and much more.

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Waniru Kahiu wedding details

The award-winning director Waniru Kahiu is off the hook. In 2016, Waniru Kahiu tied the knot with long-term boyfriend, Bora Gikonyo at the Ngong Racecourse grounds, Nairobi.

Wanuri Kahiu age, wiki, bio, instagram, wedding, rafiki, husband, children, networth, ethnicity, 2018
Caption; In 2016, Waniru Kahiu tied the knot with long term boyfriend Bora Gikonyo

Picture Credit; Mediamax Network Limited

The wedding held at the private garden included only a few acquaintances and families. Even the singer Karen Lucas (Kaz) and Patricia Kihoro attend Waniru Kahiu wedding on long Grecian style gown. Well, Waniru Kahiu and Bora Gikonyo had their wedding vows exchanged in peculiar classy style, where Patricia Kihoro expressed warm gesture.

’Wanuri’s bridesmaids and bridesman-Ancient Roman law required 10 witnesses to be present at a wedding, which is considered a precursor to the bridal party tradition. Bridesmaids and groomsmen had to dress just like the bride and groom to confuse vengeful spirit presences (or real-life jealous suitors) who might try to harm the newlyweds.  The real deal ride or die.  We love you @wanuri. So honored to stand with and for you.’’ 

Waniru Kahiu net worth

At the start of the career, Waniru Kahiu first debut From A whisper won total of five Africa Movie Academy Awards out of twelve nominations. Then, the success followed throughout her movie direction. Similarly, she marked the career as the author of the first children book titled The Wooden Camel. It also accumulated similar praise from readers and followers.

Wanuri Kahiu age, wiki, bio, instagram, wedding, rafiki, husband, children, networth, ethnicity, 2018
Caption; ‘Rafiki’ stars Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva and director Wanuri Kahiu

Picture Credit; Kenyan News

Though, Waniru Kahiu is attentive of several awards and Kenya movies tribulations, her net worth is still in dark shades. In other words, Waniru Kahiu net worth is not exposed to any kind of limelight till date. However successive movie direction and author profession, Waniru Kahiu net worth assumed at hefty figures.

Waniru Kahiu Career in Movie Direction and Author

The tale of the young girl in search of deceased mother amidst terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in 1998 in the movie From A Whisper collected the huge appreciation. It was her first directorial debut. A year later another movie Puzmi became successful in depicting African culture realities and future.

Wanuri Kahiu age, wiki, bio, instagram, wedding, rafiki, husband, children, networth, ethnicity, 2018
Caption; Kenyan actress Samantha Mugatsia, Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu and Kenyan actress Sheila Munyiva

Picture Credit; The Hindu

Similarly, the documentary film called For Our Land displayed the political and environmental challenges in a lively concern. It attracted the critics’ attention on the peculiar way of chasing down the political activism. The year 2018 depicted very surprisingly for Waniru Kahiu as her feature film Rafiki banned from Kenya and ultimately chosen the first film from Kenya to feature at Cannes.

Regarding Waniru Kahiu books, The Wooden Camel foretells the aspiration whereas Rusties is a short story concluding the girl and a boy relationship in futuristic terms. Hence, Waniru Kahiu words are directly influenced by African mythologies, histories, and doctrines in regards to Afrofuturism facet.

Waniru Kahiu Wiki/Bio; Age, Parents, Early Life, Education, and facts!

She was born in Nairobi Kenya. However, the date of birth, age and birthday of Waniru Kahiu is not disclosed in media. She is a daughter of doctor mother and business father. In one of the interview, she tagged herself as black sheep raised in the conservative family. On the contrary, Waniru Kahiu aunt beholds the profession of the famous actress, while uncle held the job of the sculptor.

When she was at the age of sixteen years old, she decided to take career direction at filmmaker. Talking about Waniru Kahiu education, she is a graduate student at the University of Warwick.  Similarly, she holds a BSc degree in Management Science as well as a Masters of Fine Arts degree in production/directing at the University of California.

Initiating the journey from Ras Star in 2006, now she belongs to the position at AFROBUBBLEGUM, a media collective dedicated to supporting African art.