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Is Victoria Prince Girlfriend or Wife of Kevin Federline? Their Relationship is Pretty Confusing!

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Victoria Prince is a name that goes way high when it comes to pro-volleyball playing. She is the one who claims to be wife of Kevin Federline but the relationship is very confusing. Kevin, who was former husband of Britney Spears, has never disclosed his relationship as married couple yet. This makes their relation to be vague and unknown.

So in this column today, we will be discussing whether Victoria Prince is girlfriend or wife of Kevin. Stay with us!

Is Victoria Prince Girlfriend or Wife of Kevin Federline?

Victoria and her relationship with Kevin is not clear. If we go through some wiki sites, we may find it claimed to be just a girlfriend. But is she just a girlfriend?

We all know that the couple have two children, but the question is, are they not thinking of getting marrying and started a family while dating? Or are they married already and keeping their info a secret?

Like said earlier, she is claimed to be girlfriend of Kevin in much reference sites out, but in fact she is not. Prince is not just a love partner; she really is wife of him. She disclosed this information herself.

Actually, Kevin and Victoria started dating in the year 2008. Later, in the year 2011, the pair revealed about new baby coming in their family. After announcing pregnancy news, the duo welcomed the first child and named him Jordan Kay Federline in 2011 August.

Me and my V in Australia 2008 Ed Hardy store Melbourne #tbt @crownv16 #thefedz #crocodiledundee

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After two years of first child born, Victoria and Kevin tied knot in the year 2013.

Repeatedly a year after, Victoria and Kevin welcomed their second child together in the year 2014.

Victoria Prince’s Quick Bio

Victoria Prince became famous by playing pro-volleyball league. She started playing volleyball when she was attending high school. She was born in the year 1982 and she was keen to playing outdoor games since childhood.

After graduating from Washington University, she participated in match against Olympians Misty May-Treanor. Till date, she has played much matches and experienced tough playing tactics as well. By playing matches, she has earned lot more than we could think of, but she has never revealed her real net worth and income.