Is Vernon Chatman Gay? Know His Personal and Professional Life

Vernon Chatman's net worth = $5 Million
Born NameVernon Chatman
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York City
Height5 feet 8 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionTelevision producer, writer, voice actor, stand-up comedian, and musician
Net Worth$5 Million
Weight62 kg
Age46 years old

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Vernon Chatman is an American television producer, writer, voice actor, stand-up comedian, musician, and a member of PFF. When it comes to a top-rated voice actor and writer in the United States, Vernon Chatman’s name comes to everyone’s mind.

But what about Chatman’s personal life, his net worth, career and most importantly his relationship status? Let’s find out.

Vernon Chatman’s Personal Life

Vernon Chatman knows how to keep his personal life under wraps and is highly skeptical of sharing his private matters with the public. However, we’ve still gathered some information regarding Chatman’s life.

Relationship Status

The relationship status of Vernon Chatman is quite mysterious as there are no records of Chatman being linked with any woman so far. For all we know, he might be married or in a relationship.

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Vernon, in fact, is not active on any social media platform, which rather proves that either he’s not used to social networking or likes to maintain his private life away from the eyes of the public.

In one of his interviews with the co-creator of his show, John Lee, talked about their children when they were promoting their feral-genius not-for-kids kid’s show Wonder Showzen.

We just walk up to kids in the park and whisper, “There’s three among us,” and they join our brood. Me and John are co-raising our children.

John and Vernon’s open revelation of co-parenting their child either means that they are gay and raising their adopted baby together or Vernon considers John’s baby as his own.

Vernon Chatman’s Net Worth

Vernon Chatman’s career in the entertainment industry developed quite rapidly. So, what are his net worth and the average salary?


The net worth of Vernon Chatman is $5 Million. In the US, the average salary of a producer is $24.13 per hour, which is around $68,151 per year.

Just like Vernon, fellow voice actors Brad Swailee and Daman Mills also have a net worth of $15 Million and $12 Million respectively.


Vernon started as a stand-up comedian in the mid-‘90s but is best known for his Emmy Award-winning comedy writing, Alone and as a member of the multi-disciplinary collective, PFFR.

With John Lee, Vernon is the co-creator of the MTV series Doggy Fizzle Televizzle (starring Snoop Dogg) and the MTV2 series Wonder Showzen as well as Adult Swim’s Xavier: Renegade Angel and The Heart, She Holler.

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Vernon correspondingly is also the writer for Louie and also a writer/producer of Louis CK’s Horace and Pete in 2016. Not to mention, Chatman is a staff writer on South Park and a producer for the show since 2007.

YouTube: Louis CK Accepts the Writers Guild Award for “Louie”

He, further, provided the voice for the 2010 sci-fi movie of Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception’s parody Insheeption as well as Tiger Woods in the Sexual Healing.

Chatman’s project, Final Flesh, that paid a porn company to act out his bizarre script is considered as one of his masterpieces.

Vernon Chatman’s Body Measurements

Having a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a weight of 62 kg, Vernon Chatman’s body features are remarkable which goes well with his light brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Quick Facts: Vernon Chatman

  • Vernon attended San Francisco State University
  • Graduated at the year 1994
  • Is of half African-American and half Euro-American
  • Birthdate: October 31, 1972
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 62 kg

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