Troye Sivan fans have been supportive than ever about his sexual preferences and coming out as a gay. What do they have to say about his boyfriend? Who does he dedicate his tragically beautiful song “My beautiful Boyfriend” to?

Are they serious enough to get married? Let’s find out more about their relationship story and talented Troye’s Songs, tours, and career.

Curly haired singer Troye Sivan has a male model boyfriend, dating for about a year now!

Rumors on Troye and Jacob’s dating life sparked flames when Jacob attended Troye’s show back in August 2016 and was also said to be kissing in a local bookshop as reported by their fans.

Jacob, 22 is a male model from California, and they made it official in the MTV Awards 2016 by attending the event together! We can’t believe how cute they looked together.

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They were singing, dancing, giving each other piggyback rides and mostly enjoying each other company a lot. By now things have changed from cute to steamy already. They are all over Instagram being upfront about their love and confessing them publicly.

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Caption: Proud boyfriend Jacob shares picture of him and his boyfriend Troye on May 20, 2017

Things officially are in next level for Tracob (as their fans call them) when Jacob was featured getting hot and sexy in Troye Sivan’s song called HEAVEN with Troye himself. The video is very steamy and we can practically feel the heat radiating off them.

Caption: Troye’s song video of HEAVEN from album Blue Neighbourhood where the gay couple are seen getting

Troye and Jacob have been sighted less these days but they are trying their best to manage their time together. We hope that we get to hear some wedding bells soon and would like to wish all the best for this new couple!

Troye Sivan’s coming out as gay at the age of 18— immense support from family and fans

Troye Sivan has been openly gay for a few years by now. He was 18 when he first came out as gay. He said it on his youtube channel which has over 3.8  million subscribers by the way, and he did it so beautifully that we cried, we laughed but we couldn’t stop watching it. Here’s the video:

Caption: Troye Sivan coming out as a gay officially through his video and sharing his coming out to all his fans and followers on August 7, 2013.

He tells his fans almost everything, and maybe this is why he didn’t want to keep this from his fans. Troye is now aged 22 and is still doing great as a gay singer, and his channel has been receiving the same amount of love till date!

Troye Sivan’s Wiki, and more on his songs and tours!

South African-born Actor, YouTuber, Model and also Singer Troye Sivan Mellet is known mainly for the role of Wolverine in X-men origins. He later moved to Australia, and he is still living in Australia with his parents.

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He has released a few Extended Plays in the past and also an album called Blue Neighbourhood on 4th December 2015 via EMI Music Australia and Capitol Records America. This album has declared “Wild,” “Youth,” “Talk Me Down” and “Heaven” as singles.

His album Blue neighborhood has songs of titles WILD, BITE, FOOLS, EASE, THE QUIET, DKLA, TALK ME DOWN, COOL, HEAVEN, YOUTH, LOST BOY, For Him., SUBURBIA, TOO GOOD, BLUE, WILD (XXYYXX Remix), SWIMMING POOLS[Target Bonus Track].

His success has let him have over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube with award winning videos which seriously won a Kid’s Choice award in 2014. His latest single is YOUTH released in the November of 2016 itself. Sivan gave and outstanding performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on 22nd May 2016.

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On Thursday 15 October 2015, Troye performed in Seattle, USA and began touring the country from concert to concert. His shows were very hit, and he also traveled many countries like Australia and Japan.

His fans have been showering his with love, and it seems as though there are beret days in his career ahead. His last concert was held on 18th November 2016 at Atlanta, USA.

As of 2019, he has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.