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Trista Sutter Net Worth and Salary in 2017: Know Her Income Sources!

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Trisha Sutter is the one who participated in ABC Reality TV Show and won the runner-up prize. She is the beauty with beat and brain who gain name and fame after entering in the show named The Bachelor. Apart from that, she was also there in two shows named Dancing with the Stars and Fear Factor.

We are not here talking about her shows till date, but what we are discussing today is about her income, worth and her annual salary. In this article, we will be including Trista Sutter net worth along with her income sources.

Trista Sutter Net Worth: Properties and Salary

It has already been more than a decade since Sutter entered TV shows and made her career as media person for 14 years. As she was able to keep herself in runner-up position, she was widely appealed and also helped to build her career further more. Apart from The Bachelor S1, Trisha was also in the show named The Bachelorette. Having career in multiple shows, she has been able to make huge amount of money and increase her net worth.

Trista Sutter Salary

As of 2017, Trista Sutter net worth counts $2 million. The program hosted by ABC Channel paid her and her husband $1 million which we can count on her net worth as well. In the show, she selected Ryan Sutter and then married him. That $1 million mentioned was not as a salary, but as a royalty payment made to her in an exchange of filming their wedding day.

Trista Sutter’s Luxurious Jewelleries

Trista Sutter Luxurious Diamond Ring

In Trista’s net worth, her luxurious jewelleries count in as well. Once in her Instagram account, she shared a pic in which she showed her diamond rings. According to, both rings are highly priced. One of them or might be just a replica costs $900 while another ring costs $5600.

Trista Sutter’s Real Estates

Trista owns very flaunting house that attracts eyes of any one of us. She once shared a video of her house in which furniture and fixtures costs more than the house, we saw. Talking about her house, it is filled with marbles and added some extra looks to make it look like royal partying house.

Trista Sutter Married Life: Husband is Ryan Sutter

Trista Sutter married Ryan Sutter who is the winner of the reality show named ‘The Bachelorette.’ The pair started their married life in the year 2003, December. This couple is example couple for all the people around the world, as their married life is long lasting and still there are no issues in their married life.

Trista Sutter with Ryan Sutter and Children
Trista Sutter with Ryan Sutter and Children

The Sutter family is blessed with two kids. In the year 2007, after enjoying four years of married life, Trista gave birth to baby boy and named him Maxwell Alston Sutter. Again in the year 2009, they were blessed with baby girl to whom they named Blakesley Grace Sutter.