Travis Lane Stork is a popular name for those who are familiar with  TV shows: “The Doctors” and “The Bachelor.” He is an American emergency physician and the chivalrous host of the show “The Doctors,” the Emmy Award-Winning, talk-show where a team of medical professionals discuss various health-related issues and answer the queries of audiences.

Travis Lane Stork became an international sensation in 2006 after his appearance in the 8th season of “The Bachelor” as the dream-man, every woman would want to marry. Since The Bachelor, he has become a television personality who has made several guest appearances on big daytime TV talk shows, such as The Talk, Entertainment Tonight, Today, Steve Harvey, and Rachel Ray.

Travis didn’t end up finding a wife on The Bachelor, but his dating life started since then. After dating two girlfriends: Sarah Stone and Carrie Underwood, Travis Lane Stork married his girlfriend of three years, Dr. Charlotte Brown in 2012 but later divorced his wife in 2015.

So, what was the deal with Travis Lane Stork married life? Is he dating someone recently or has already been married to another wife? Let’s know the details on Travis Lane Stork’s past and recent dating affairs along with his married life with ex-wife, Dr. Charlotte Brown.

Travis Lane Stork Dating Affairs In The Past!

Season 8 of “The Bachelor” ended with Travis Lane Stork choosing a school teacher, Sarah Stone who lived down the street in Nashville, Tennessee. When the people were expecting the young doctor to give his chosen lady a beautiful rose and a romantic proposal to her, Travis did things his way.

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Travis didn’t want to get married to Sarah Stone just then but wanted to begin a dating relationship with her. So instead of putting a ring on her wedding finger, Travis gave Sarah a loving accessory: a necklace with a ring placed on it.

Travis Lane Stork split with his girlfriend after a few months of dating,

However, after dating only for a few months, the couple ended things in their relationship. According to them, their dating relationship was doomed from the start because of the show.

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They were not allowed to see each other during the filming of the ending of the show to prevent them from spoiling the endings. So, Travis Lane Stork dating relationship couldn’t work for a long period. (

More About His Married Life

Later, he blamed the show for an end to his dating relationship with girlfriend, Sarah Stone. Sarah is now married to her husband, Brock and has three daughters.

Travis was then rumored to be dating a singer and songwriter, Carrie Underwood in 2008. Though the couple didn’t confirm their dating rumors, the father of Stork’s brother-in-law, Martin Pavell confirmed their dating relationship with US Weekly, saying:

They have been dating. They are a lovely couple

Travis was even spotted having dinner dates with Carrie, but later, Carrie Underwood married a professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher.

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After Carrie, Travis found a new love in his next girlfriend, Dr. Charlotte Brown who later became his wife. Yes, you got it right! Travis Lane Stork was previously Dr. Charlotte Brown’s husband. So, why Travis Lane Stork divorced his ex-wife? Let’s know the details on Travis Lane Stork married life with ex-wife, Charlotte Brown.

Travis Lane Stork Married Life With His Ex-wife, Dr. Charlotte Brown!

After splitting with girlfriends, Sarah and Carrie, Travis started dating another girlfriend, Dr. Charlotte Brown, a pediatrician, in 2009. After dating for two years, Travis popped the question to his girlfriend, Charlotte when they were on vacation in Hawaii. They engaged in the year 2011. Travis Lane Stork married his fiance on 30th June 2012 in a ceremony in Edwards, Colorado.

Travis Lane Stork married his fiance in an intimate wedding ceremony in Edwards, Colorado, 30 June 2012

The wedding ceremony was intimate and secret from the public. Hence, Charlotte Brown became Travis lane Stork’s wife since then and started living her married life with husband, Travis. After the wedding, Travis thanked all the wishers for his wedding via his Twitter account.

However, the married couple couldn’t maintain their relationship for a long period and hence got separated. Travis Lane Stork divorced his wife, Charlotte Brown in the spring of 2015.

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Travis Lane Stork’s ex-wife, Charlotte Brown never got pregnant when she was in a married relationship with him. Thus, the ex-married couple doesn’t share any children.

After the divorce with ex-wife, Charlotte, Travis is reportedly single as of now. It seems like Travis is busy on his show and career development projects.


As of now, Travis is dating his girlfriend Parris Bell. The pair met for the first time with the help of Stork’s friend, Dr. Chris Strandburg.

Chris had been trying to set me up. I flew home to Nashville and Chris went to dinner with me, and the person he was trying to set me up with was Parris, and we ran into…Parris. 

It was sheer luck for them to meet there all at the same time. They met and we know what happened afterwards.

Stork posts several pictures of them on social media. In December 2018, they even posted a picture showing an engagement ring.The picture shows that they are engaged and seems happy together. The couple is yet to get married. Or are they?

Recently on February 15, 2019, Travis again took to his Instagram to post about the love of his life wishing her a Valentine’s Day. He wrote, “When you out kick your coverage this can happen.” Here’s the post,This was not the only time they were together! The duo was seen enjoying pre-wedding honeymoons on August 1, 2019.

Travis Stork

Finally their married life! Travis Lane Stork and his girlfriend, Paris Bell “did a thing” yeasterday! They walked down the aisle on August 3, 2019, at 1220-Nashville planned by the Toast of Tenesse. The official photographer for their wedding was Gina Peterson Photography.

Paris was quite emotional about her marriage with her love! She wrote,

I married the best person I’ve ever met in front of our very closest friends and family last wekend. As if that weren;t great enough, our best friend, Julie offciated our wedding.

Paris Bell Stork further stated that she was grateful for her man and for her tribe. Moreover, she thanked all of her friends and family for celebrating their love.

The duo shared a couple of new photos exclusively to the news magazine site, People. The happy couple walked down the aisle with the bride wearning an off-the-shoulder gown while the groom donned a casual ensemble with a pair of eye-catching orange Puma sneakers.

Travis Lane Stork Net Worth

As of 2019, Travis Lane Stork net worth is around $12 million. Over a year, he has contributed much to his net worth.

Moreover, Lane makes an average salary of $265 thousand to $400 thousand. He also makes huge money from his published books:

  • The Lean Belly Prescription (2015) = $8.99 in Kindle and $10.30 in Hardcover.
  • The Doctor’s Diet (2015) = $13.79 in Hardcover and $9.34 in Paperback.

The man currently appeares in TheDoctors and another TV esries, Rachael Ray. For The Doctors, which started in 2008, he has appeared in almost 1500 movies. Likewise, for Rachael Ray, which also started in 2008, he has appeared in just around 29 episodes. 

Travis Lane Stork Wiki-Bio

Born in the year 1972 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, Travis Lane Stork birthday is on 9th of March. At present, his age is 46. With the upcoming birthday celebration, Travis Lane Stork’s age will be 47.

Travis was born to parents Donna and Roger Stork who were Midwestern farmers. According to Travis, he is the first doctor from his family.

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Travis has stunning looks and tall height. He stands 6ft 4in in height. In meters, Travis Lane Stork’s height is 1.93m.

Travis Lane Stork graduated magna cum laude from Duke University and with an M.D. from the University of Virginia.

Travis has also published books related to health issues. Among them, The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor’s Diet made his name under the “New York Times Best Seller” list in the “Advice, How-to & Miscellaneous” category.

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