You have just landed in this place that means Travis Lane Stork is someone you know. Yes, he is from the sitcom, The Doctors. But if you do not know the real info about him, we would like to give you some intro.

He is an emergency physician of America who became a famous TV personality from the very series. Today we will not be discussing his career, but about his dating life, marital status and more. Let’s us all know Travis Lane Stork’ dating life after divorcing his ex-wife Dr. Charlotte Brown in 2015.

Is Travis Lane Stork Dating After Divorcing Ex-Wife Charlotte Brown?

Before jumping right into the answer, let us know the marital life of Travis Lane Stork with his ex-wife Charlotte Brown. Stork, who is already 46 years old, married Dr. Charlotte back in the year 2012. His wife, Charlotte Brown is a pediatrician.

Both fell in love back in the year 2009. Travis and Charlotte agreed to be in love life for some time, thus they were dating for almost two years. In the year 2011, May, both agreed on stepping up their love life. Following this, the pair had an engagement. After around 13 months, the ex-duo finally exchanged vows and tied the knot. Their wedding was organized privately in Colorado in the year 2012.

Charlotte Brown and estrange husband Travis Lane
Charlotte Brown and Travis Lane

After enjoying married life for around three years, they found their life to be complicated and decided to part ways. Travis and Charlotte agreed and divorced in the year 2015.

Travis, as of now is not dating anyone. After his divorce, we suspect him to be very much busy in his works and have no time to rethink about his personal matters. His former partner Charlotte is also thought to have done the same thing. She is also living a single life in her place of residence in Nashville, Tennessee. At the moment, the Dr. is working as a doctor at the Rock Creek Medical Office.


Travis Lane Stork is now dating his lover Parris Bell. The duo was first seen together on Travis’ Instagram on September 4, 2018. On November 11, 2018, Travis convinced Parris to go to Durham with him.

Do you want more surprise? Travis is now engaged to Parris Bell. Yes, you heard that right! They posted a photo of themselves wishing the 2018 Christmas. On that photo, Parris was wearing a ring on her ring finger so, do we have to say more?

Though Parris is 20 years younger than him, the duo is currently happy in their engaged relationship. Congrats to the pair!

Travis Lane Stork’ Dating History

Before marrying Charlotte, Travis Lane Stork once shared his dating history to the public. What he said was that he was in deep love with Sarah Stone who is a school teacher by profession. As mentioned by him, both met for the first time in the set of The Bachelor show.

‘That was 8th Season of The Bachelor back in 2006.’

Travis offered the final rose flower to Sarah on the show. Everyone expected he will propose to her, but he didn’t do it. When the final episode of the sitcom was aired, both announced that they are apart.

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Not just Sarah, but Travis was also alleged to be together with Carrie Underwood who is a singer by profession. His brother-in-law’s father confirmed their relationship and revealed all info through US Weekly magazine:

‘This lovely couple is dating!’

But this relationship also couldn’t last long and they separated.