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Is Tory Belleci Married? Does He Have Wife or Not? There’s Rumors of Him Being Gay!

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We assume there are few people who have never heard the name Tory Belleci. He is the one who is hosting the show named ‘Myth Busters’ on Discovery channel. He is known being the most influential person in TV network, but info about his personal life is still inside curtain. If you are his fan, you surely want to know about his personal info and his marital status. So today, we will be discussing about Tory Belleci married life along with the rumors of him being gay that came out recently.

Is Tory Belleci Married or Is Still Dating?

Most of the TV stars and celebrities are committed in their career in such a way that their private life gets neglected. Tory has similar history being always busy in building career and never got time in his own life.

Tory Belleci Dating

Tory, 42, might be dating someone, but we are also not sure. What we can say as of now is that he is not married and has no wife. But we are not so sure about his love life. He once dated Francesca but we do not have news of them still dating. As he has maintained tight security in his life, further personal info is not available. Also, as he had experienced love life, he surely is not a gay.

Tory Belleci Dating History

As mentioned earlier, Tory hooked up with a girl named Francesca Garigue in past; we got this info when we went through his twitter account. We found many tweets of both expressing love towards each other. Here, we have one picture by Tory being together with Francesca:

In the year 2013, around after six months of sharing first picture, there came second tweet in which Tory wished Francesca a very happy birthday along with ‘love you’ tag.

After being wished from him, Francesca replied immediately to him. She thanked him for the wish, called her ‘Darling,’ and shared ‘love you’ tag.

Not only in some personal events, Francesca became active in wishing luck for the Myth Busters team including Tory Belleci, Jamie Hyneman, Grant Imahara and Kari Byron when the show was nominated for Emmy Awards. For the wish, Tory said: ‘I wish you were here.’

The alleged love life that started in the year 2012 ended in the year 2014. Both stopped tweeting about each other in social media. Everyone suspected them to be apart, but the real info is still not known.