Keeping a relationship enthralling by setting an example for every couple is entirely in the hands of those who are shouldering their relationship forward. It takes a lot of work to sustain the relationship and just one blow of the wind to shatter it down.  When you feel like dismantling your affairs into pieces then at least stick with the fact that made you cling on to keep going this long with your partner.

Things might work sometimes, and sometimes it does not hit the road as it’s supposed to. There is a mass of the population who believes in solving the issues mutually and make the rapport last for eternity while on the other side there are those group of rabble who just announces a pack up when things turn out to be messier and hard to handle. The relationship with you and your spouse is never out of your control; it is in our hand, you can either make the most of out of it or nothing out of it.

Stop entertaining the public:

certainly not a correct place to bicker
certainly not a correct place to bicker

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Do not forget that the relationship between two people forms due to the mutual understanding and consent of these specific two.

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Correspondingly, the misunderstanding, miscommunications, arguments, and brawl that happen between the lovers are supposed to occur in private. Stop displaying your dirty lingerie in public.

Have You Ever Thought About Your Privacy?


Privacy matter in a relationship
Privacy matter in a relationship

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Showcasing your fights in social media updating the status and presenting your so-called another half in the wrong light, yelling and shouting in public (sometimes even hitting each other). Talking how ruthless, incapable and insensitive, your partner is to come out as a sensible and innocent one in front of your best friends and family is big no.

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Apart from your family, most of the time people are only curious about the drama that you are having in your life. Instead of making it a public affair, sip a coffee in a cozy place and have some conversations with each other.


 ting! ting! it’s time for some serious talk
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The relationship is getting dull and boring. There is no excitement left now; it gives an allergy to look at your spouse no matter how beautiful they are as a person.

Meanwhile, someone physically charming and enticing “as per your dictionary” enters your life, making your tedious life lively and fun. Now without giving it a second thought, you cheat on the person who supported, assisted, took care of your needs and wants, and sacrificed some of their fair share of happiness just for you.

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How justified is your act? Sometimes some couple even opts for cheating because they only have the clash and feuds, what so ever the reason, try to sort it out through a meaningful talk and if nothing works then put a closure to your relationship. But cheating only causes the destruction of the individuals involved in it and is plainly a most immature notion.