Getting older without being sunk to wrinkle-doom and bumpy thighs do not need a Botox or overpriced trainer, and that is a promise to you. When asked to top researchers about their secrets of staying young, it was all natural and healthy.

It is an undeniable fact that after a point we tend to get old and grey, but there are specific raw methods that won’t let you feel elderly from your heart and body even if the age might say some different story. Just give your sight to these fine points:

Don’t Sweat The Small StuffDont Stress

Caption: Don’t stress and do your best.

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A young and enthusiastic body is the mirror of the peaceful and healthful mind. Your hair starts turning grey even the way before you hit the old stage if you start falling and stressing over tiny stuff. Overthinking is the slow poison to your heart and mind.

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Stop juggling with yourself in context of what the other person might be thinking about you and stop stressing yourself about not being enough as you are the perfectly complete package for yourself. Life is too short to worry about all that.

Get Off The Couch or Bed

physical exercise

Caption: Physical exercise improves brain health.

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Not only routine exercise would help you lose the excess fats in your body, tone those muscles, build healthy bones and uplift your mood, but it also helps one in thinking correctly.

National Institute on Aging validates that there is a broad connection between better brain power and physical exercise “Walking only for 10 minutes in a day lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s by straight 40 percent,” says MD, director of the UCLA Centre on Aging and co-author of The Healthy Brain Kit.

Physical conditioning reduces the higher risk of stress and anxiety, which wipe out your memory bank.

Feel The Love


Caption: Enjoy the beautiful feeling and stay young.

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Professor and vice chairperson of surgery at New York, Mehmet Oz, MD, says “Women who relish sex live longer.” In fact, doubling the amount of satisfying sex can amass three years to your life cycle.

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As per the experts “Sex gives one the Zen moment that can’t be found throughout the day otherwise.” The feeling of love itself generates the happy hormones in our body which in return assures the goodness in many aspects of our life including our youth side.

Get Enough Sleep

Caption: Take a rest.

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While we sleep, our body enters an automatic ‘repair mode,’. It repairs all the damaged cells collected from throughout the day preparing it to handle whatever comes next.

Not getting enough sleep invites plenty of health issues like type 2 Diabetes shortening the lifespan which these days’ people are more prone to, increasing the insulin resistance by as of much 82%. Lack of sleep also influences the weight gain and obesity if sleeping hours is less than 7.5.

Make The Harmony With Your HormonesHappy-Hormone-Code

Caption: Secret to success is actually happy hormones.

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Do not underestimate the potential of your hormones. Examine and track your hormonal levels throughout your life and take corrective action to maintain its balance. Repairing any imbalances can combat or fight the various conditions of aging, such as low libido, insomnia, unwanted weight gain, and memory loss.

The low testosterone tanks the libido, and low progesterone is associated with the sleep disturbances.

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You live once, live it to the fullest. One cannot challenge the natural phenomenon of aging as sooner, or later it will show up. But staying younger doesn’t always mean being young and beautiful physically all the time by investing most of your energy into it.

If you are healthier and youthful inside, you need not go for any cosmetic treatment externally. The happier we are, the youth glow reflects in our aura more naturally.

Considering the above points, we can say that just by monitoring and paying attention towards all the small activities which we perform on the day to day lives adds up to our lifespan.