How many times in a day does your mind wander? It becomes quite a task for most of us to beat up on our laziness and to remain more refreshed, awake and focused all day long.

Have a look at five important ways to stay energized and focused.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Here meditation will be the best option to practice mindfulness. In spite of the multiple health benefits meditation makes us more aware, awake, stable, energized and centralized.

6 ways to practice mindfulness
6 ways to practice mindfulness

Meditation training could be provided even in the office, one of the studies by University of Washington researchers showed that meditation training in the office helped the employee perform their work better and increased their concentration capabilities keeping them calmer and energized.

2. Watch out what comes in

Take the food enriched in Vitamins
Take the food enriched with Vitamins

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Not everything that you push inside your body is going to give you the energy that is needed to boost up your performance. Take in the food enriched with Vitamin E such as green leafy vegetables, avocado, and broccoli for enhancing your focus, Vitamin B12 such as fish, crab, tofu, soymilk, cereals, and eggs which are beneficial to keep one energized and replenished.

Also, other nutrients such as omega 3 are good for the brain too.

3. Take up the challenges

 You will never know what you are capable of unless you challenge yourself.
You will never know what you are capable of unless you challenge yourself.

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One of the fundamental means of averting the lethargies is to do something that will keep you awake predominantly. Do things that scare you the most. To some people, it may be public speaking, while for some taking the lead might be confronting.

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Finding out some new hobbies that contribute to your skills such as learning guitar or salsa, singing, writing or painting which discovers the creative side of you could be a great help in being more focused and rejuvenated.

4. Power nap

Never Comprises with your nap time
Never Comprises with your nap time

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Mastering the power nap is nothing but a boon to every earthling. Do not get it misconstrued with two or three hours long deep sleep; power naps, as per the experts for the instant boost of alertness and awareness 10 to 20 minutes of power nap does a miracle.

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In many offices in different countries, the system prevails where after the lunch break every employee is encouraged to take a power nap under the guidance of professionals.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

Keep your body filled with water, drink as if no one is watching
Keep your body filled with water, drink as if no one is watching

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Simple plain water is not just to quench your thirst but has numerous benefits. Do not go for the sugared drinks but you can opt the tedious water with some fresh fruits or vegetable juices that will keep you active and enthusiastic in a healthy way. You will see the outcome of slurping the water inside in your body through your improved persona and performance

There are plenty of different ways to stay awake and energized which could be healthy or unhealthy. The overhead notches come under the more vigorous sections. The productivity of a person depends on their ability to keep themselves robust and healthful in the longer run.

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There are many unhealthier lifestyles too which would keep an individual on their toes for some confined period of times like smoking cigarettes, too much of caffeine intake, and taking some energizing pills without the consultant of doctors.

It looks appealing just for the shorter span as they work faster, but in the long run, looking for one’s overall health and productivity what works best is what reflects the positive results outside with well-balanced inside.