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Once on the front cover of Sports Illustrated as The Best Offensive Line Prospect Ever, Tony Mandarich is one of the legends in football. The second pick on the 1989 NFL Draft, way ahead of Barry Sanders and Derrick Thomas, speaks volumes about his stature.

The 53-year-old Canadian embarked on his football legacy in Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts during his nine-year-long professional football. Despite being a top-notch player, he had multiple off-the-pitch issues that made him quite a news material. So, today we take you close to the net worth and dramatic career of the football legend.

Tony Mandarich is A Multimillionaire By Net Worth

Yes, you heard it right. Tony Mandarich owns a whopping net worth of $100 million. While the primary source of his income goes to his playing career in the 1990s, he earned a fair bit of share as an NFL analyst for The Score TV.

The legend, later pursued a profession, following his hobby in photography with a photography studio itself. Furthermore, he also earns from his book, My Dirty Little Secrets – Steroids, Alcohol & God

Mandarich, thanks to his towering wealth figure, enjoys a lavishing life post-retirement today. 

Tony Mandarich: Earnings as A Footballer

Tony Mandarich, as the second pick in the prestigious NFL Draft, means a huge deal. He signed a lucrative contract with the Green Bay Packers in 1989 for a healthy salary of $4.4 million per year.

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The footballer spent three years with the Packers until 1992, before switching to Indianapolis Colts. Paying him such a large salary paid off as he bagged the title of Consensus All-American in 1988. Furthermore, he was the two-time Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year on 1987 and 1988, respectively. 

Tony Mandarich: Earnings from Photography Studio

Tony Mandarich, post-retirement, pursued a profession by establishing a photography studio named Mandarich Media Group. The business expanded further onto video production, web design, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing later on.

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The firm earns around $7.2 million in terms of revenues, and as the head, Mandarich receives quite a significant share from it.

YouTube: Tony Mandarich gives an interview to ESPN in 2009.

Besides his primary professions, he also published a book on February 14, 2009, on his story of drug and alcohol addiction. You could find his book on popular sites like Amazon and Kindle for $16.30. 

Tony Mandarich: A Hero Turned Villain Due to Drugs

Once labeled as the best prospects for an offensive lineman, Tony Mandarich was flying high during 1989. However, he failed to live upto the expectations and standards he set courtesy to one of the biggest NFL busts. Following eight years of his retirement, he finally accepted that he used steroids during his playing time and how he was addicted to it. 

Thanks to drugs, the Greenbay franchise cut his contract, which made him jobless for three years. Mandarich even went to the rehabilitation center on March 23, 1995, to get sober. 

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After three years of break, he joined Indianapolis Colts in 1996 and started every game of the 1997 season. Later, he suffered a severe shoulder injury in 1998, which forced him to retire.

Tony Mandarich’s Married Life and Dating

Tony Mandarich walked down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend, Charlavan, for the second time in 2004. While alcohol and drug addiction was the reason they split up the first time, they tied the knot again after Tony was sober. 

Her wife felt significant changes in Mandarich during her second stint. The duo even shares four lovely children together while two were from his first marriage.

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The year 2009 struck another lightning into the NFL legend’s life as his ex-girlfriend Sharra Ferbrache sued him. She accused him of sharing their explicit picture in the online community.

Quick Facts: Tony Mandarich

  • He wrote his book to inspire other drug addicts to change and save their life rather than apologize. 
  • Tony’s older brother, John Mandarich, a Canadian footballer, died early due to skin cancer.
  • The world-known sports network, ESPN, ran his documentary in 2009.
  • He moved back to Canada after retiring from football.
  • Surprisingly, he owned a golf course as well.
  • He often had off-the-court issues such as turning on the team meetings late and drunk at times.

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