Not everyone desires to be in the limelight and public though whatever the reason might be. Despite being the child of a famous celebrity and himself being a retired actor, Tony Cimber prefers to live a relatively low-key life.

Not many out there might be familiar with Tony or with his work. So, this article is about his contribution on the entertainment field and also about his personal life and relationships.

Who Is Tony Cimber?

Tony Cimber is an American actor and editor who is famous for his on-screen performances such as GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, House of Mystery: Mysteries of the Cathedrals, and Married… with Children. He is the son of producer Matt Cimber and actress Jayne Mansfield.

The actor has three brothers; Zoltan Hargitay, Mickey Hargitay Jr. Venico Cimber, and likewise three sisters; Jayne Marie Mansfield, Mariska Hargitay, and Katie Cimber. Except for his brother Venico and sister Katie, everyone is engaged in the entertainment field and are actors and actresses.

What Is Tony Cimber’s Relationship Status? Is He Married?

Tony Cimber’s relationship status is a mystery to the general public. The actor is yet to address whether or not he has ever married in his life.

The House of Mystery star has a daughter, Jianni Cimber. However, the child’s mother’s identity has never been released to the public.

Tony, in addition, is not active on any social media platforms which is why there is not much learned about him till now. It seems like he prefers to keep his personal life low-profile.

As for his popular celebrity sister, Mariska Hargitay is a married lady with her husband Peter Hermann. From their fifteen years of matrimony, the duo shares three children; a daughter, Amaya Josephine Hermann (Born in 2011), August Miklos Friedrich Hermann (Bron in 2006), and two sons, Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann (Born in 2011).

How Much Is Tony Cimber’s Net Worth?

Tony Cimber holds a net worth of $400 Thousand which he made from his professional acting career. On average, the salary of an actor in the US is $39.84 per hour and $50,235 in a year.

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Besides his own, the actor’s older sister Mariska Hargitay is an accomplished actress in Hollywood. She boasts a whopping $50 million, as of 2019, and receives a handsome paycheck of $450 Thousand per episode.

Check out the clip of Tony Cimber’s T.V. series, Married… with Children!

Tony’s late mother Jayne Mansfield was also a well-known celebrity of her time and held a net worth of $2 million before the time of her passing. His brother Zoltan Hargitay has a net worth of $200 Thousand.

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Cimber surely lives without much difficulty; he can afford to live a luxurious life with the wealth he enjoys.

Body Measurements: Tony Cimber

Tony Cimber stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters). Similarly, his eyes are blue while his hair is brown.

Quick Facts: Tony Cimber

Where and when was Tony Cimber born?

Los Angeles, California, United States October 18, 1965 

Who are Tony Cimber’s parents?

Matt Cimber and Jayne Mansfield

Does Tony Cimber have any siblings?

Zoltan Hargitay, Mickey Hargitay Jr. Venico Cimber,Jayne Marie Mansfield, Mariska Hargitay, and Katie Cimber

What is Tony Cimber’s nationality?


What is Tony Cimber’s ethnicity?


What is Tony Cimber’s zodiac sign?


Which is Tony Cimber’s hair color?


What color eyes does Tony Cimber have?


How old is Tony Cimber?

53 years old 

How tall is Tony Cimber?

6 feet.

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