It is hard to leave what you love doing, in fact, you need a lot of courage to do so. Tonie Perensky is one such personality who left the showbiz industry at the peak of her career for the sake of the family.

Tonie Perensky is an American actress who is popular for her outstanding performance in Fish Don’t Blink, Fool’s Gold, Sanity. Likewise, most of her fans are curious to know about the actress’ net worth, earnings, boyfriend, affairs. Here, today we reveal all these things along with facts. So, to know all these things read the article below.

How Much Is Tonie Perensky’s Net Worth?

Tonie Perensky has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2019. She managed to earn this amount of fortune generally from her acting career. Likewise, the beautiful actress appeared in more than dozens of movies to date which also helped her earn her worth.

Tonie Perensky
Tonie Perensky on Red Carpet: Source: ImageCollect

Most of Perensky’s fans know her for her roles in movies like The Ten Rules, Varsity Blues, Project Redlight, Fool’s Gold, Fish Don’t Blink and so on.

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One of her movies Fool’s Gold collected $111.2 million at the box office against the budget of $70 million. It’s is safe to say she got a hefty amount of revenue from the movie.

Tonie Perensky acting
Tonie Perensky in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Source: hitberry

Perensky worked with several actors or stars like Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Connolly, Jennifer Gatti, Amy Benedict, Paul Walker, Tony Frank, Wayne Burgess, and many more.

Who Is Tonie Perensky Currently Dating?

Tonie Perensky is currently living a single life. She manages to keep her personal life away from the media so her love life is still much of a mystery to us.

Tonie Perensky acting
Tonie Perensky acting during a movie shoot: Source: IHC2015

The actress had a huge family tragedy and left her acting career. Likewise, she later announced her return to the filming industry but, her fans are still looking forward to seeing her in the upcoming movies. Besides her current love life, there is no evidence of her dating other people in the past as well.

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Thus, we can say the actress is living a luxurious life with the astounding amount she managed to gain from her acting career. Currently, she might also be involved in the dating or marital relationship with someone but the details are still undisclosed.

Quick Facts About Tonie Perensky

When and where was Tonie Perensky born?

April 23, 1959, Austin, Texas

Zodiac sign of Tonie Perensky?


Which ethnicity does Tonie Perensky hold?


Which is the nationality of Tonie Perensky?


How old is Tonie Perensky?

59 years old

Eye color of Tonie Perensky?