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Timothy Hutton Once Dated Angelina Jolie and Diane Lane, Know His Dating History!

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One of the actors who have been in same career for more than 50 years is Timothy Hutton. The one who entered in movie industry and worked for famous movies like Traps, Ordinary People and more has successful career along with dating life. Can you believe it; he dated Angelina Jolie and Diane Lane once. Today we shall be covering Timothy Hutton dating history along with his current girlfriend name.

Timothy Hutton Dated Diane Lane

In early 1980s, Timothy hooked up with Diane, Zim Bio comfirms. But, as their working style differed, the duo ended up parting in the year 1984. The ex-pair dated for four years and then parted their ways, what might be the reason?

Timothy Hutton and Daine Lane
Timothy Hutton and Daine Lane

If we look back that moment, well guys it is four long years, and the reason of their breakup is not disclosed at all. If they had to part ways, why would they be together for such a long time? God knows why they parted!

Timothy Hutton Dated Angelina Jolie Next

In the year 1996, Timothy was linked with Angelina Jolie. Back then; this news was featured news of all tabloids and media. After hooking up for around three years, Timothy dumped Angelina as he found another in his life.

Talking about their first sight, the ex-pair met when Ange appeared in Playing God. The H symbol carved on Jolie skin is believed to be for Hutton. It seems like she was landed with ten tons of bullets when she was dumped.

Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie
Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie

Angelina is taken as most beautiful and hottest girl ever in the world, and still HE DUMPED HER? Either Hutton is crazy or he has no eyes!

Timothy Hutton Dating History

The one who was able to hook up with Diane and Angelina Jolie might be one hell out of a man. As Timothy is handsome enough, he dated few more celebrities few years back. If you want to know their names, here it is. He dated: Demi Moore, Kim Cattrall, Caitlin Gerard, Melissa Anderson, Kristy McNichol, Patti Davis, Jennifer Grey, Jenny Lummet, Debra Winger and more.

Who is Timothy Hutton Dating Now?

As pointed in Daily Mail, he is currently seeing Caitlin Gerard. As mentioned in this site, the duo met for the first time in Texas, last summer. The duo met during the show shoot.

Timothy Hutton and Caitlin Gerard
Timothy Hutton and Caitlin Gerard

Although Timothy is too old for Caitlin, the pair finds it perfectly fine. It is possible that Caitlin do not care about his age much. In forthcoming years, we might be able to hear their marriage ceremony as well. We would like to wish them luck for prosperous future now!