Faith Hill‘s father, Ted Perry dies at age 88, Tim McGraw confirms.

Faith Hill’s Father Ted Perry Dies

The American singer/songwriter Tim McGraw confirms his wife, Faith Hill’s father Ted Perry’s death through his socials on February 12, Tuesday, 2019 at 8:45 am.

Tim captioned a short video of Ted and captioned the post,

G Pa, Faith’s father passed away last week at 88 years old. 

He went on to add,

He was the sweetest, kindest most gentle man I’ve ever known. 

Tim further, while glorifying him, posted

I’ll never, in 10 lifetimes, be able to live up to his example, but man, he has set a mark that all of us should strive for. 

In addition to these words, he also went on to write,

His legacy will live on through the 3 beautiful souls he raised, Faith and her brothers, Steve and Wesley. I’m sure a day will not pass for the rest of my life, that he will not show up in my thoughts. 

Conclusively, he wrote,

We all love you G Pa

With everything that happened, has Faith talked about her father’s demise to her fans?

Has Faith Hill Announced Her Father’s Demise?

Even though Tim has already talked about Ted’s demise, his wife, Faith has not spoken a word about her father’s passing.

The singer is heartbroken after her father’s demise in the past week, since then, she has been out of the media’s reach. She has even stayed afar from her socials.

Once in an interview, Hill spoke about her father on the Pickler & Ben TV show. There, she described what kind of a man he was.

A salt of the earth kind of man.

She further talked about her and her father’s joyful times,

We have always made on another laugh so hard, over the silliest things – the kind of laughter that you have in school or church which will always get you in trouble. 

Now, Faith Hill has already bid goodbye to her father. May his soul rest in peace!