Thorsten Overgaard is a Danish writer who writes about photography as well as an educator. He introduces himself as a photographer and recently, he was awarded by International Photographic Artists Award 2017, Winner of Photojournalism category. Thorsten Overgaard is an expert in portraiture and documentary photography. He has published numerous e-books; some of them are “After the Tsunami,” “Twenty Portraits,” “Finding the Magic of Light,” “The Freedom of Photographic Expression”, and so on. He has portrait a lot of stories behind his photography but what about his life behind the scene? How is Thorsten Overgaard married life with his wife? Who is Thorsten Overgaard wife? Let’s find out and also know the facts about Thorsten Overgaard wiki-bio.

Thorsten Overgaard Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, Birthday, & Career!

Born in the year 1965 in Aarhus, Denmark, Thorsten Overgaard birthday is on 25th of March. At present, Thorsten Overgaard age is 52. With the upcoming birthday celebration in March 2018, Thorsten Overgaard age will be 53.

Thorsten Overgaard was born to parents Poul Overgaard Nielsen and Jytte. He has an elder brother, Martin. Thorsten Overgaard parents married each other on 2nd June 1962.

Thorsten Overgaard career started as an editor of monthly magazine Blitz from 1983 to 1985. Then he chose the field of advertisement. At the age of 20, Thorsten co-founded the advertising agency A-Z Reklame with Mogens Gårdsmann. In between 1993 to 1994, he started to work at RMB advertising in Aarhus and then co-founded AD ONE advertising agency.

In 2000, Thorsten Overgaard sold all activities of AD ONE to Execon A/S but remained as a CEO and member of the executive board for a year. Co-operating with the “Tiscali” and “World Online” on international online campaigns, Thorsten Overgaard built the first Navision e-Business integration and founded the first online coupon magazine and online PR agency. In 2002, he founded a consulting company. These are the work beside Thorsten Overgaard photographic career.

Thorsten Overgaard career in the field of photography established from his work “After the Tsunami.” On December 26, the 9.1 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia that triggered a series of devastating tsunamis. Thorsten Overgaard was one of the 496 Scientologists from around the world who joined the Scientology Disaster Response Team in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, and Thailand. During the journey with the crew, he documented a book “After the Tsunami.”

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He then started to work in the field of writing and photography and published numerous books like “Twenty Portraits,” “Finding the Magic of Light,” “The Freedom of Photographic Expression,” and so on.

Thorsten Overgaard has made two short documentary films “Picture Perfect” and “A Life with Leica Featuring Thorsten von Overgaard.”

He won 2nd prize in Art Gemini Prize 2014, Photography category and the American Photographic Artists Award 2017, Winner of Photojournalism category.

Thorsten Overgaard Married Life With Wife Joy Villa

Well regarding Thorsten Overgaard married life; Thorsten Overgaard married a beautiful girl named Joy Villa. She is known by her stage name Princess Joy Villa who is an American singer, songwriter, and political commentator. Thorsten Overgaard married Joy Villa in 2016. The age gap between Joy Villa and her husband is 21 years.

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Caption: Thorsten Overgaard married his wife, Joy Villa in 2016.

52-years-old, Thorsten Overgaard has already three children: two daughters, and a son. Caroline and Oliver are Twins and both are of age 21; Robin is the eldest daughter whose age is 13. His daughter Caroline has already married. Thorsten Overgaard wife, Joy Villa won The Grammys 2017 on 12 February.

But who was Thorsten Overgaard wife before? Well, there is no record of his previous wife. So, whenever we find some clue about the first Thorsten Overgaard wife, we will update you a moment later. Hence, stay connected!

Thorsten Overgaard Net worth

Can you guess how much Thomas Overgaard Net worth is? As a writer and photographer, he has earned remarkable net worth in 2017. He has not exposed the amount of his net worth to the media yet. So, Thomas Overgaard net worth is under review, as of 2017. If you have an interest in Thorsten Overgaard net worth, stay in touch, we will soon update you on Thorsten Overgaard net worth!