Tess Ward Dating Harry Styles
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Is Tess Ward Dating Harry Styles? The U.K. Chef Was Spotted With Harry in North London!

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Last updated on November 8th, 2017 at 11:22 am

Tess Ward is well known chef of London, who is also known being diet writer and consultant. You must be thinking, why Tess is given so much of attention. It is because she is allegedly dating handsome hunk of 1D, Harry Styles. Is she really dating Harry, or it is just rumor? Let’s find out!

Is Tess Ward Harry Styles’ New Girlfriend?

The top online magazine of U.K., the Sun reported that Harry is the one with whom Tess is currently dating. Here is what written in the magazine:

‘When the two met for the first time, both zinged as if there was a spark. One is known for food and another for song and fashion; it’s easy for them to get along.’

Tess and Harry were bound to meet, as their friends suggested them to. Harry’s stylist Lou Teasdale was the one to introduce Harry and Tess. Both liked each other and went on romantic dates in London.

‘Harry was in London back then, so both enjoyed numerous romantic dates. Also, Harry introduced his friends to Tess and also his stylist.’

‘It’s different from how Harry was with his past relationship with Kendall and Taylor. Harry might have found someone to cause trouble up in hotel room. (Song: Perfect)

Tess Ward and Harry in Audi

This news came at first place when both were spotted together in Harry’s Audi. Also, the news came by when Harry had to pay £200 as penalty as he was using his cell phone while having steering on his hand.

Tess Ward Quick Bio

Tess is one of the most popular chefs in London. She was born in the year 1990 to the house of Christopher and Kate Ward. Ward graduated from University of Leeds and took professional training about cooking from Le Cordon Blue.

Her name comes first when it comes to cookbook. She is also popular for the blog: ‘The YES Chef.’ She has experience in writing for online magazines as she worked for grazia. She has also been consultant for Kallo, Itsu and more brands.

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