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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameDaniel Hernandez
  • Birth PlaceNew York City, U.S
  • Height5 feet 6 inch
  • Eye ColorDark Brown
  • Zodiac SignTaurus
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityHispanic
  • ProfessionRapper
  • Net Worth$23 million
  • Weight64 kg
  • Age23 years
  • DatingJade

A Brooklyn-based rapper, Daniel Hernandez is famous by the stage name 6ix9ine, Tekashi69, or Tekashi 6ix9ine. He is one of 2017‘s most breakout stars in the music industry.

Furthermore, he amassed over 15 million followers on Instagram with only a few albums. With the use of incredible outfits, Grand Theft Auto themes, dangerous visual effects, and lots of fire, he found success as a rapper with original low budget music videos. What’s more, he was accused of a sexual crime like other few young rappers. So, let’s find out the details about Tekashi69′ wiki-bio including his dating affair, children, daughter, net worth, career, and more.

Tekashi69 Dating/Married; Father of a Daughter!

So, what do you think about the relationship status of Tekashi69: single, dating, or married? He is the father of a daughter and once featured her on his Instagram. It suggests that the rapper is a married man and shares a child with his wife.

So, what is the truth? Is the daughter a child of Tekashi69’s girlfriend or wife?

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In fact, 6ix9ine did not marry yet. So, his daughter is not the child of his wife. Since he is only 22, he is yet to tie the knot. So, who will be Tekashi69′ wife? Do you know?

American Rapper, 6ix9ine
American Rapper, 6ix9ine

As he has not married yet, what about his dating affair? Is Tekashi69 dating a girlfriend?

We are yet to witness the engagement of Tekashi69. Regarding his girlfriend, he is dating a girl named Jade. There is not much detail about the lovebirds.


The couple posts several pictures of them on their social media. The girlfriend-boyfriend pair is yet to get married. But as per several sources, they are speculated to be married. They, however, have not confirmed yet.

However, there was a news that Tekashi69 gifted his girlfriend a Mercedes G-Wagon worth $250k on the occasion of Christmas this year. After the rapper was jailed, his girlfriend inked the tattoo of his face on her chest.

Jade inked a tattoo of his boyfriend’s face. Source: Metro

Tekashi69 is still in prison for racketeering and firearms charges along with other members of his band. They were charged with these allegations back in November 2018. According to the reports, Tekashi69 will face up to 47 years in prison as he is indicted for racketeering, discharging a firearm, conspiracy, assault, and such others.


Tekashi69 is now reportedly dating his girlfriend Sarah “Jade” Wattley. The American rapper has already been involved in several physical relationship since he was a teen.

At age 18, he sexually harassed a 13-year-old girl with the help of his friend Taquan Anderson. Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi69 dated a girl named, Sara Molina in 2010s. With her, he shared a daughter, Saraiyah born on March 20, 2013.

Surprisingly enough, just days before his arrest on RICO charges, Tekashi struck Molina once in the face midst an argument  after being confronted about cheating on her. Molina cross-examined him post finding provocative text messages from Jade.

The incident left Sara Molina with a bruised lip. The 23-year-old songwriter is not spotted with his latest girlfriend Jade as of now. But, according to
his Instagram post of April 2018, he wanted to be a loving father of baby girl, Saraiyah. It took him 6 months to get close to his daughter.

Tekashi69′ Career Details

Tekashi69 grew up listening to varieties of rap. But RondoNumbaNine is the man who motivated him to start rapping, and his friends too encouraged him to be a rapper. Furthermore, he worked alongside Bodega Bamz who once said of him:

My n—a is insane. He’s like a mixture of Danny Brown and Odd Future. His s–t is crazy. I think because of the shock value that he brings, he’s gonna be one of those artists that you won’t be able to turn the TV off too.

Tekashi69 is a part of the crew called ScumGang69 and worked alongside Trippie Redd and Famous Dex. He doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube account as he uploads his videos through a Slovakian label, F*ckthem.

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In fact, he rose to fame via the music upload networks SoundCloud. Last year, on 3rd December 2017, 69 released the song Kooda and its official music video on Youtube. Previously, he released the music video for the song Gummo on 8th October 2017.


Tekashi69 went on his first ever European tour in the spring of 2017. His songs Yokai, Hellsing Station, zeta zero 0.5, and Gummo each gained over millions of views on Soundcloud and YouTube.

YouTube: Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 69’s son Fefe

On the week of November 20, 2017, His song Gummo debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2017.

Tekashi69′ Instagram (6ix9ine_) and Viral Meme

Tekashi69 amassed over 15.7 million Instagram followers. He used to post his antics on his Instagram account, @6ix9ine_. After repeatedly violating Instagram’s terms of service, authorities deleted Tekashi69’s account five times.

Furthermore, Tekashi69 has been a viral meme several times which has spread throughout social media. Recently, Tekashi69 posted the pictures of his concert during his on-going musical tour on Instagram.

Tekashi69′ Net worth

As of 2019, Tekashi69′ net worth is around $23 million. Tekashi69 earned an excessive net worth over a short period. Indeed, he mentioned in an Instagram post that he earned a million dollars this year.

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If you have an interest in Tekashi69’s life, stay in touch, we will soon update you on Tekashi69′ his professional life and net worth!

Tekashi69’s Controversies and Sexual Crime

Tekashi69 was charged with selling heroin outside a store and beating the owner of the store. He went to jail, but because he was a minor, he only served the statement for a few months in prison. After coming out of prison, Teskashi69 started to focus on his musical career.

He fell in a lot of rumors about engaging in sexual acts with kids. The Brooklyn rapper pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual abuse with a child in November 2017. The age of the victim is unknown but sources believe that she was underage.

However, in an interview with DJ Akademiks, 69 mentioned that he did not have any sexual intercourse with a girl. He said that he faced the charge simply because he was there at the moment.

In fact, Tekashi69’s age was 18 then. His reputation resulted at the end of the collaboration with many artists.

Tekashi69 Faces 32 years Life Sentence

The rapper, Tekashi69 is facing a sentence of a minimum of 32 years in prison for being a part of an unarmed robbery and Nine Trey Bloods. Nine Trey Bloods is basically a set of street gang established in 1993 in New York.

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The court also denied his bail for $1 million. Likewise, his house arrest proposal went through the same faith. Moreover, 6ix9ine faced charges of sales of heroin, fentanyl, MDMA, marijuana, and unarmed robbery.

Tekashi69′ Tattoos

Tekashi69’s body is full of numerous tattoos. Among them, “number 69” tattoo is the most frequent one. It is said that he has number 69 tattooed more than 100 times all over his body. To Tekashi69, the number is a  lifestyle.

6ix9ine's tattoos
6ix9ine’s tattoos.

He has also tattooed the word “Oscar” on his face and also the word”HIV” for his friend who is diagnosed with the disease.

Exciting Facts On Tekashi69′ Wiki-Bio; Realname, Age, Parents, & Birthday!

Born in the year 1996 in Brooklyn, New York, Tekashi69’s real name is Daniel Hernandez. He is also popular by the stage name 6ix9ine.

Tekashi69’s birthday is on the 18th of May. At present, Tekashi69’s age is 22. With the upcoming birthday celebration, Tekashi69’s age will be 23.

6ix9ine photo before fame
6ix9ine photo before fame.

Tekashi69′ parents raised him in Bushwick. Moreover, he has both Mexican and Puerto Rican descent because of his roots. His father is Puerto Rican, and his mother is Mexican-American.

His school expelled 6ix9ine when he was in the eighth grade. Furthermore, someone murdered his father when he was only 13. As a result, the financial condition of Tekashi69’s family worsened.

Hence, to support his family and help his mother, the rapper started to work as a busboy, sold weed, and also had jobs at a bodega. We will update further information on Tekashi69′ parents and family later.