Ted Vernon has a rollercoaster married life
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‘South Beach Classics’ Ted Vernon has a rollercoaster married life with wife Robin Vernon, are they divorced? What about their children

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Ted Vernon is a popular guy and an expert when it comes to producing and talking about car deals and making the deal happen. But on the recent time, Ted Vernon is in limelight for his divorce with his wife. Many fans of both Ted and his wife Robin are in shock as they are in a dilemma whether to believe the divorce rumors or not.

Many fans of both Ted and his wife Robin are in shock as they are in a dilemma whether to believe the divorce rumors or not. Get the details of the loving couple of tv is really heading for divorce or is it just a rumor.

Who is Ted’s wife? How they met each other?

Famous American actor Ted Veron changed his relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ to ‘married’ after making his longtime girlfriend Robin as his wife. Robin Vernon was Ted Vernon’s girlfriend, and later they got married.

Ted is as of now a married man. Ted went on a blind date with Robin Vernon in 90’s. He was an extremely shy as a person. However,  Robin was amazed by Ted, and they began dating. And after knowing each other for quite some time the couple decide to get married. Though the news of their divorce is in the limelight the couple has not bothered to clarify the divorce rumors.

Is Ted father of any child? How many kids does he have?

Ted and Robin are together since 90’s. They both are madly in love with each other.  These couples have also expanded their family. Before marriage, they were two, but after the wedding, they are three. Yes, Ted Vernon is a father of one son named Teddy Jr.

Recently, mother Robin Vernon is having her good time with her son Teddy.

Ted Vernon
Caption: Ted Vernon and Wife Robin holding their adorable son Teddy Jr.

Photo Credit: slam.canoe.com

The couple is having a happy family life together with their kids.

Why is Robin Vernon not in the show South Beach Classics?

Ted Vernon and Robin Vernon started the show South Beach Classics. This a TV series starting since 2011. They both are doing great till 2016, but all of sudden Robin Vernon has left the show. Continuously, fans are complaining South beach classics show is not going well and they need Robin Back.

After viewing sad comment about the show without her, yet Robin had not reveal why she is not part of the show. And talking about the net worth of Ted, he now has an estimated net worth of around $15 million. Ted also has done some movies in the past like Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre, Scarecrows, Hammerhead Jones. But in the recent time is not seen doing any movies and the reason might be his show South Beach Classics.

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