The current generation is the age of digitalization, which presents numerous opportunities for youths to make a name for themselves. The case is no different from Teala Dunn, who remains famous for her presence in the popular media platform of YouTube. If that wasn’t enough, the vlogger is also an accomplished actress who started out early as a child actress in 2002. One of her best roles to this date has to be playing Lindsey Kingston-Persons in the TBS sitcom, ‘Are We There Yet?’ With almost eighteen years in the showbiz industry, Dunn has proven to be a vital asset. So, today we take you close to the net worth, career, and personal life of Teala Dunn.

Teala Dunn’s Six-Figured Net Worth

As a promising YouTube vlogger, one would surely expect Teala Dunn to be super popular globally. However, her career in front of the cameras guaranteed her fame and let her garner a colossal bank balance. Specifically, he gathers a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of September 2020. Considering her young age of 23, the figures are extremely huge, and they can only rise further in the days to come. If she continues at this rate, then the day isn’t far when Dunn will earn herself the tag of a millionaire.

Teala Dunn in a white dress poses for a picture.
Teala Dunn has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Source: Instagram

Its been ten years since Teala Dunn joined YouTube, and it has been a delightful journey so far. Little did she know back then that she would end up creating a career out of it. Today, she gathers more than 2 million subscribers and has uploaded 267 videos. According to estimates, she makes around $6300 per year from the digital platform itself. Furthermore, the earnings are subject to an increase when her videos garner greater engagement and views.

Teala Dunn in a blue dress poses for a picture.
Teala Dunn started her YouTube channel in 2010. Source: Instagram

Dunn was a child of six when she first joined the showbiz industry by featuring in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ as Nina. Likewise, she ended up by contributing with her voice in a total of 40 episodes of ‘Wonder Pets! from 2006 to 2009. Over the years, she displayed her versatility over a variety of roles in different shows like ‘The Thundermans,’ ‘Shake It Up!’, and ‘Guilty Party.’

Teala Dunn’s Personal Life: Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

Teala Dunn poses for a picture smiling.
Teala Dunn played Lindsey Kingston-Persons in ‘Are We There Yet?’ Source: Instagram

There remains no doubt on the fact that Teala Dunn remains quite vocal on her social media. However, its a surprise on how the diva prefers to keep her personal and romantic interests under the radar. Judging by her online activities and vlogs, she might be dating fellow YouTuber and internet personality, Zach Clayton. Interestingly, her lover also has 1.99 million subscribers on his channel. However, the two often give hints that they are just good friends despite giving him the tag of her boyfriend in her video. In the past, she used to date Luke, with whom she met through Instagram dm.

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In the past, Teala dated model Luke Toniolo but they failed to make things work. Similarly, she also went out with Alex Valley for a year from 2016 to 2017. Previously, she also dated another model, Nolan Zarlin.

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The love birds often post pictures and videos together on their respective channels. In June 2020, Teala uploaded a video on her boyfriend rating her bikinis. Whenever she is free from her shooting and photoshoots, Dunn loves traveling around new places. She is an active Instagram user with 3.3 million subscribers.

Quick Facts: Teala Dunn

  • Dunn is fond of luxurious cars and owns a Lamborghini.
  • She spends most of her time in the gym, working out to maintain her shape.
  • Teala did a breast augmentation in 2020.
  • She is quite fond of art and loves doing DIY stuffs in her free time.
  • Dunn shares her bloodline with an older sister who worked in the Navy.
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