Tavis Smiley gay rumors hit the media and the companies familiar to him. While Tavis made his women fans spellbound with his great smile, the gay rumors hit the media. However, the rumors neither disappointed his women fans, nor his TV shows and career.

Rather, Tavis Smiley’s smiles continued to boost up his TV shows, network, and net worth. Furthermore, Tavis Smiley earned a good credit for radio programs and TV shows. The actor and producer who has crossed the age of 54 this year keep quiet on when he is getting married.


Hence the following write up is going to be strikingly informational on the questions related to Tavis Smiley married life. While the article gives a concise narration of Tavis Smiley wiki bio and net worth, the major focus remains on the gay rumors. Also, what awaits Tavis Smiley TV shows aftermath his sexual misbehavior penalty?

Tavis Smiley Gay Rumors Around The Recent Sexual Misconduct Penalty

Tavis left space for the critic’s gossip about his sexuality. Rumors constantly hit the media and the coffee houses that this man of success is a gay. Rumors linked his name with his colleagues Tom Joyner, T.D Jakes and James Wheaton.

However, nobody could provide any strong ground to prove their relationships. Except the fact that they worked together in a few TV shows and movies, no proofs came into light which showed Tavis was a gay.


Despite the gay rumors Tavis Smiley TV shows and Tavis Smiley net worth went on to touch the huge levels of success. Similarly, his fans have mentioned that he has interests in women. However, he likes keeping all his relationship status inside his own closet. In addition, his female fans did not stop their love for him and his popularity kept on growing.

Suddenly, comes the sexual misconduct penalty! Seems like the gay rumors failure took a new dimension. Tavis reacts that critics tended to destroy his popularity through sexual allegations. What is the story behind the penalty?

PBS Suspends Tavis Smiley For Sexual Misconduct: Tavis Denies All Allegation

After an investigation conducted by PBS that engaged “an outside law firm” after the troubling allegations against Tavis Smiley spread, PBS indefinitely suspended “Tavis Smiley.”

It was the midnight show by Tavis. The PBS network broadcasts the show in various stations of the US. The statement released by PBS regarding the Tavis Smiley suspension says:

Effective today, PBS has indefinitely suspended distribution of ‘Tavis Smiley’ produced by TS Media, an independent production company. PBS engaged an outside law firm to conduct an investigation immediately after learning troubling allegations regarding Mr. Smiley. This investigation included interviews with witnesses as well as with Mr. Smiley. The inquiry uncovered multiple, credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS, and the totality of this information led to today’s decision.

In contrast, Tavis has strongly denied all the allegations. His first reaction to the news which he says he came to know from the media was all “overreacted and biased.”

In his response, he reveals the fact that he was in a relationship with a woman in his long past. He mentions it was all “consensual” and also that “men and women know how to engage in the workplace.” Some highlights of his statement which deny the allegations:

I have the utmost respect foe women and celebrate the courage of those who have come forth to tell their truth. To be clear, I have never groped, coerced, or exposed myself inappropriately to any workplace colleague in my entire broadcast career, covering 6 networks over 30 years. … Never. Ever. Never. …

Tavis Smiley Gay Rumors Falsified! Tavis Accepts He Was In a “Consensual Relationship”

Around the sexual misconduct suspension, Tavis has come up with the revelation that he is not gay. He opened his mouth denying the sexual misconduct allegations while he also shared the hidden truth that he was in a relationship.


As a result of the suspension of his ‘Tavis Smiley’ TV show, he gave a statement recently. He himself broke the silence regarding his sexuality and dating affairs. Seems like an advocate of free relationships, Tavis contends it was misconduct while admits he had a relationship with a woman:

If having a consensual relationshp with a colleague years ago is the stuff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction, heaven help us. … It’s time for a real conversation in America, so men and women know how to engage in the workplace.

To view the entire statement and his opinion, click here.