It is impossible to escape the limelight when you come from a family of celebrity. Tatyana Miller was born as the daughter of American rapper Percy Robert Miller a.k.a Master P.

Miller has 6 siblings and her parents are divorced. As a result of her parents’ separation, Miller and her siblings faced a tough time. So, let’s explore both the public and the private aspects of Tatyana Miller. Is Tatyana dating a boyfriend? How much is the net worth of Tatyana Miller? What do her parents have to do with Tatyana Miller’s fame?

You can find answers to all these questions at the same place below.

What is the Net Worth of Tatyana Miller?

Tytyana Miller is yet to choose a specific career. In contrast, her siblings are already following their parent’s footsteps and made debut for the Hollywood. So, what is the net worth of the 26 years old Tatyana Miller?

Tytyana Miller with her father. Source: Celeb Tattler

Since she is not in any profession yet, we can say nothing about the net worth of Tatyana Miller’s net worth. As a matter of fact, Miller still lives with her father and is not into any profession.

According to sources, her father Master P treats her like a princess and she is enjoying a bountiful life from her father’s wealth. Nevertheless, we promise to bring you updates on Tatyana’s net worth once we get any new information.

Master P Net worth

Percy Robert Miller a.k.a Master P an American rap magnate, an entrepreneur has a net worth of $200 millionDuring the late 90s, Master P was able to build a varied business empire. His empire contained a rap recording label, video game company, a film production company and many more.

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In brief, Master P had a successful career. During his time his rap label company No Limits Records was able to sell 80 million records worldwide. In 1998 Master P generated over $160 million from his business empire. Most noteworthy, Master P had a net-worth of $350 million before his divorce.

Who is Tatyana Miller Dating?

Tytyana Miller always likes to be away from her limelight. There is no official confirmation about Tatyana dating someone. She may be confused about her career. In fact, she might be focused on choosing a career rather than falling for a man and staying in a relationship.

Scrolling over Tytyana Instagram there is no one we can consider her boyfriend. Tatyana frequently posts photos with her brother Romeo Miller and her other siblings. In addition, She is an animal lover and posts photos of various animal on her Instagram.


The leading Amerian rapper’s daughter Tatyana Miller is already at the 20s. Assuming her seducing pictures shared on her social, she is no more single.
The 27-year-old celebrity kid is not married to anyone to date but she is possibly dating someone secretly.

It is tough to hint whether someone is really into a relationship or not until she shares the picture of her loved ones on social media. Tatyana Miller remains tight-lipped when it comes to opening up her love history to media.

Tytyana Parents Separated

After 24 years of marriage and seven children, Percy Robert Miller and Sonya C Miller decided to divorce. There were rumors about the two being in conflict from a long time which was indeed true. Later, the couple embroiled in a messy divorce which became public.

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Tytyana Miller’s mother Sonya made a demand of 40% of Master P’s property. In 2014 Sonya, furthermore, filed a case against Master P claiming that he has a non-acceptable relationship with some other women. The divorce case was on Sonya’s side, and she was able to compensate for a huge amount of money. They officially became divorcees in the year 2014.

Quick Facts about Tytyana Miller

  • Born on June 15, 1992 in U.S.A
  • Tytyana is from Afro-American ethnicity.
  • She has hair and eyes of black color.
  • Her constellation sign is Gemini.
  • As of 2019 she is 26 years old.
  • Tytyana is still to choose her career.