Tarek El Moussa Is Officially “Cancer Free” Six Years After Diagnosis

Tarek El Moussa is fina;;y cancer free after six years
Tarek El Moussa is officially cancer free

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Six years after diagnosis ‘Flip or Flop’ star Tarek El Moussa is officially cancer-free.

On Thursday, The Flip or Flop star,  Tarek El Moussa announced the good news on social media.

The 37-year-old actor took to Instagram to post the health update. Excited, the actor didn’t pause to announce the great news which started with the caption “CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sharing a smiling picture of himself on Instagram, the actor posted a lengthy caption describing his journey from being diagnosed with cancer to being cancer free at last.

 The HGTV star went on to detail the journey, saying, “2013 was the scariest year of my life! I didn’t only get hit with one cancer..but got hit with two different cancers.”


The real estate agent and house-flipper ended the post by thanking all of the people who supported him throughout the painful journey.

Tarek El Moussa: From Diagnosis to Cancer Free

The actor Tarek El Moussa was first diagnosed with both thyroid and testicular cancers in 2013 after a viewer- a registered nurse noticed a lump on his thyroid and suggested him to get a medical checkup.

Tarek El Moussa is cancer free after six years of tedious diagnosis
Tarek El Moussa is finally cancer free

While the actor was very open about his battles with thyroid cancer he, however, didn’t reveal about testicular cancer until 2017 because he felt it was too “private” and “personal.”

After his stepfather was diagnosed with the same disease the real estate agent decided to make his second health struggle public.

El Moussa “gained 50 pounds” early on from “cancer side effects. the actor when through two surgeries. He additionally went through radioactive iodine treatment.

Recalling the treatment the actor says:

“I was very sick with terrible migraines and nauseous every day. But, I told myself no matter what you can’t quit!!! It was tough but I knew deep down I had to keep going.”

He admitted feeling ” very scared” and “suffering inside “.

During this health struggles, El Moussa his wife  Christina El Moussa grew “distant.” When therapy didn’t repair things, they split, rather dramatically, in 2016.

Finally, after almost six years El Moussa is cancer free. The actor admits he’s feeling “healthier than ever.”

The TV star revealed it makes him “so happy not for me but for my babies,” referring to his 8-year-old daughter  Taylor and 3-year-old son  Brayden.

The actor further wrote:

“I have to be healthy and alive for them!!. They are my everything and they need their daddy! This news is so good because I’m alive to be here for THEM!!”

Finally, after being cancer free for after six years, he didn’t forget to thank his fans and everyone supporting him before signing off with words, “OFFICIALLY CANCER FREE- TAREK.”