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Many might doubt that pursuing a career in voice acting won’t take you very far but that is untrue as one of many examples is Janice Kawaye.  She specializes in the area of cartoons, television shows, including animes which spans for over 25 years and running. Apart from her professional life, many might want to […]

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Though Kyle McCarley is active in the entertainment industry for many years, you may not recognize him by his look, but you surely have heard his voice if you are into anime and gaming world. The American voice actor Kyle McCarley has been making a mark since 2015. Kyle is not a new name into […]

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Let’s see how many of you can predict the legendary character with this famous line, “That’s right, it’s outta this world!”. If you are 90s kid and cartoon lover then you might have caught the character. Yes! it’s the legendary comic character Micky Mouse. Now, do you know who is behind the voice of him? […]

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You just need to work hard in anything you do, it will lead you to success, this is true in every sense to the Canadian voice actress Claire Corlett. This young teenage actress and singer has been involved in her work since a very young age and through her hard work, she has received quite […]

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The Walt Disney Picture has just released teaser of its most anticipated animated drama film The Lion King which will be releasing in the year 2019. And the viewers have begun wondering who will be the voice of Young Nala’s character. So, the voice of Young Nala will be played by Shahadi Wright Joseph. She […]

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Marisha Ray is one of the young and emerging actresses in the entertainment industry. She has worked on theatre, movies, television shows as well as voice acting. She has also written several episodes for shows like Chaotic Awesome and Batgirl: Spoiled. Marisha is famous for her role as Keyleth in the weekly live roleplay series Critical Role. Her […]

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Bill Hader is known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he impersonated real people and inhabited fake ones, for which he also received three Emmy nominations. By profession, he is an American comedian, voice actor, producer as well as a writer. Hader starred in the HBO series Barry, which began airing on television […]

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In every person’s lives, there is sorrow and pain. There are many remedies for overcoming the tragedy. No one can stay without laughing after watching Seth Rogen‘s comedy scenes. One of the famous and well-known comic actors, Seth Rogen, has been creating a lot of attraction in the film world with his talent for making […]

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People know Romany Malco for his versatile acting in numerous movie projects. More than that, his professional life is as lively as his smooth, sexy looks. So, what about his personal and married life? He previously married a successful actress. Their married life bragged a lot of media brownie points when they were a solid strong […]