How’s the Married Life of Jessica Capshaw?

Like mother, like daughter, is the most favorable quote for Jessica Capshaw. She is the child of a retired actress, Kathleen Capshaw Spielberg. Jessica, like her mother, played in numerous movies and TV series in her career, which made her quite famous in the crowd. Even her father is also involved in filmy sectors and […]

Sawyer Avery Spielberg, The Son of Steven Spielberg!

Many of us don’t see it, but children of the successful personalities not only inherit the massive wealth of their parents, but they also have a lot of pressure to extend their family legacy. Sawyer Avery Spielberg is one of those kids who is working his socks off to make his father proud. Steven Spielberg, […]

Sasha Spielberg Family, Net Worth, and Siblings!

Well, being the daughter of a billionaire, one doesn’t need to work as hard, but unlike many, Sasha Spielberg doesn’t fall on that category. She rose to fame as the daughter of New Hollywood pioneer, Steven Spielberg.  Sasha is the most popular child out of Steven’s seven children. The 29-year-old started acting at a very young age of nine and featured in […]

Details about Steven Spielberg’ 7 Kids!

People consider Producer cum Director, Steven Spielberg as one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era. The 73-year-old filmmaker has seen it all from the likes of traditional movies to the modern ones like Jurassic Park and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Everyone knows the professional success of the legendary artist, but what about his personal life and family. Surprisingly, he passes his talents […]

Steven Spielberg Married Life with Kate Capshaw and Amy Irving!

The name of Steven Spielberg needs no introduction since he inspired the New Hollywood era that everybody loves. Although Spielberg’s professional life is quite fascinating, his married life is equally exciting.  Spielberg shared his personal life with two actors, Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw. So, today we take you to the dramatic married life of the film producer cum director.  Steven […]

Steven Spielberg is a Billionaire!

Steven Spielberg is an Oscar-winning American film director and producer who garnered billions of dollars from his five-decades career. He was named as the greatest film director of all time by Empire magazine in 2005. Here take a look at the net worth details, including his high grossing films, properties, and car collections!!! Steven Spielberg’s […]

Family Life of Mikaela Spielberg!

Mikaela Spielberg is the daughter of Steven Spielberg, who is famous for his skills as an actor, director, and producer. In his long run career, he worked in many outstanding movies and TV series. Mikaela is the youngest adopted daughter in the Steven family who was adopted by Kate Capshaw. She is an Afro-American by […]

Kate Capshaw Married Life and Kids!

While many recognize Kate Capshaw as the wife of billionaire Steven Speilberg, she is quite successful on her own. Although she retired from acting decades ago, her contributions to Hollywood remain permanent. Capshaw performed in some top movies during her peak; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with her husband. So, today we take you close to […]

Destry Allyn Spielberg Net Worth and Family Life!

Parents always wish better for their children and love them, even more, when they follow their footsteps. Destry Allyn Speilberg is one of those children who is pursuing her family legacy. Destry Allyn Speilberg is the daughter of the famous director Steven Allan Spielberg and retired actress, Kate Capshaw. She just began her career in the showbiz. […]

Billionaire Filmmaker Steven Spielberg House And Cars

Steven Spielberg is an American filmmaker and producer who lives a luxurious life in his house of Pacific Palisades which worths more than $20 million. The director is also in love with cars and rides many high-classed cars from brands like Austin Martin and Tesla. Want to know more about the properties of the billionaire? […]

Theo Spielberg Net Worth in Millions!

“Notes and chords have become my second language and, more often than not, that vocabulary expresses what I feel when language fails me” is the word said by Saul Hudson better known from his stage name, Slash. Theo Spielberg is someone who can be related to those words. Theo is a guitarist of the band, […]

How’s Amy Irving’ Married Life Like?

Amy Irving is an award-winning American actress who garnered much fame and love through her charming looks and enchanting personality. The actress won the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in the film Traffic. The actress is also popular for her roles in various television series and films like Hide and Seek, Unsane, […]