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It is hard for anyone to laugh causally. But when you are able to do so, you feel like achieving everything. The best person to do so in today’s world is non-other than a comedian. In our context, we are talking about the funny-man Joe Rogan who has been the sole reason for thousands of […]

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In the world of competitions, people are often running after materialistic satisfaction rather than emotions and sentiments. The pressure of work is surreal, but the pleasure of having your loved ones around you is priceless. Hence, to go hand in hand with your personal life and your profession is a tough job. Another one is […]

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Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Sure but it’s hard to find laughter on our own. Then we have comedians lighting our days, refreshing us and making us happy. Out of all those stand-up comedians, there is one name not to be forgotten, Dave Chappelle. He made our days, […]

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James Acaster Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Net worth, Parents, Age!

James Acaster is one of the most dazzling and characteristic young comedians of his generation. He stands as a record-breaking five consecutive nominations for “Best Comedy Show” from the year 2012 to 2016 in Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Furthermore, he also won the 2015 Chortle Award for Best Show, and Best International Show Award at 2014 […]

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Glen Biderman Pam, an actor, stand-up comedian, and director has an amusing comedic punch. Recently, he gathered some male counterparts when revealing relationship tips on the stage. International stages in Boston (USA), Perth (AUS) and Brighton (UK) the Market Theatre Main stage twice, as well as The Baxter Theatre and National Arts Festival Main stage […]