What’s the Net Worth of Joan Kroc?

Many people rose to fame with their great works whereas others come in front due to their relationship with celebrities. Joan Kroc comes on the radar of both. She gained attention after her marriage with the CEO of McDonald’s and later on became a person to remember from her social works. Today, we will provide […]

Ethel Fleming Married But Divorced McDonald Owner Ray Kroc!

While the world eats the famous McDonalds burgers and the man behind, Ray Kroc, they seem unaware of his wife, Ethel Fleming. Contrary to the business tycoon, Fleming was a promising actress at her time.  The veteran actress gave some classic movies such as The Kiss, Modern Husbands, and Love Insurance in the early 1900s. Surprisingly, high school lovers broke up after forty years of […]

Jane Dobbins Green Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Ray Kroc, Kid, Split, Career

Jane Dobbins Green could be quite an infamous name for everyone. Her identity came to fame as the second wife of Ray Kroc. Raymond Albert “Ray ” Kroc was an American businessman. Ray Kroc is popular for expanding McDonald’s from the local market to the profitable finest restaurant. In this section, know more about Ray […]