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Stephanie Ruhle is an American news reporter. Moreover, she managed to gain her spotlight as a Senior Business Correspondent on NBC. Likewise, she worked for several other news networks over the year. Ruhle enjoys a successful career. Furthermore, she also enjoys a thriving marriage. The talented reporter tied the knot with the love of her […]

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We all face bad circumstances in life but only those who fight back with courage become legit strong. Sade Baderinwa got in a car accident and suffered excruciating pain but she is one strong woman who took all her might and came out as a winner. By profession, Sade Baderinwa is a famous news anchor […]

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Rob Schmitt, an American journalist, is famous for being the co-host of the Fox News Program Fox & Friends. The news reporter made the headlines in 2016 for showing his support to the LGBT community, and the rumors have then risen about his sexuality. However, showing support to the LGBT community does not mean that Rob […]

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Loving a person and staying together with the same person requires effort and commitment towards that person. People often start a relationship and fail to keep their vows, but some stand to their words. Likewise, Lori Halifax, an American journalist, shares the same story as she has been with her love for many years. This […]

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Ana Cabrera is an American female journalist, who is known as a correspondent for CNN based in Denver, Colorado. She is an Emmy Award-winning American journalist and television news anchor. Since working with CNN, Ana has made some impressive reporting and uncovered several happening that brought her full recognition. On a personal note, Ana is […]

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Life is a mystery; we never know what’s there in the future? Some people find bliss of love in their first relationship whereas some find on the one which comes later. A famous TV anchor “Kathy Brock” is also one of those who got bliss of love in her second relationship. The WLS-TV news anchor Kathy […]