What is Brain Eating Amoeba? Know More About It’s Symptoms,Causes,Facts and Many-More

When you hear this phrase “Brain-Eating Amoeba”, you may suddenly be reminded of a sci-fi horror movie with some bug munching through the squishy mass that is your brain. But sadly, such a bug does exist and it is known by the name Naegleria fowleri. Youtube: How tiny Ameba eat your brain check it out […]

Things You Need To Stop Doing To Protect Your Relationship: Top Tips To Protect Your Relationship

One fine day someone attracted you hereafter, you approached and knew them better and envisioned that the person is meant to be yours forever. The relationship starts, and then you get the feeling of contentment or fulfillment about the lucrative completion of your life’s purpose. But hey? Did anyone tell you, that the real mission is yet […]

Top 10 Best Exercise You Should Know To Enhance Your Immunity: Exercise To Boost Your Health

The healthy or unhealthy lifestyle which you are carrying on has a lot do with the level of your immune system. Our immunity shows the capability of our body to fight against the ailing odds. So, it is mandatory to keep our immunity power intact and hearty. The exercises which we do to keep our […]

Top 5 effective ways to keep your partner interested in a conversation

Convincing someone to go out on a date with you is one of the big tasks in itself. Moreover, to keep them intact in your conversation throughout is equally daunting. There are very tiny details we overpass while communicating with our companion or spouse. Furthermore, the years and years old relationships also need to be […]

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2017:Sta y Fit And Live A Healthy Life

Competition of fitness business is going on and on. The majority of business consists of personal training where rest consists of another type of training .i.e. 44.6 % of their income is generating in personal training. Nowadays, people want to be fit. The majority of men will go to the gym for fitness and women […]

What is Dry Eye? Home Remedies for the Prevention of Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Eyes are one of the sensitive and the most delicate organ in the human body. The visual representation and embodiment of life is the gift we receive from our eyes. Dry or itchy eyes most of the time gives the invitation or is associated with the other health conditions like brittle nails, dryness in mucous […]

What’s Halting Your Sex Drive: Top Five Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

According to the research, 30-45 aged women have experienced low sex desire may be due to lack of sexual knowledge, proper communications between partners or may be capable in their health.  Especially women are having a problem due to physical and mental problems. Man feels comfortable thinking about libido than women. The reason for low […]

Five Benefits That You Didn’t know About Sleeping Naked

Sleeping is one of the most inevitable and crucial things we do every night, as it relaxes our body and mind.  Getting the right amount of correct sleep has multiple and numerous health benefits whereas not being able to acquire enough sleep lead to a serious problem in the well-being of people which are prevalent […]

Top Tips To Protect Your Relationship: Follow These Tips And Live A Happy Life

Keeping a relationship enthralling by setting an example for every couple is entirely in the hands of those who are shouldering their relationship forward. It takes a lot of work to sustain the relationship and just one blow of the wind to shatter it down.  When you feel like dismantling your affairs into pieces then […]

What is bird flu? What are the causes of bird flu and its risk factors?

Avian influenza or bird flu is a viral flu or infection that not necessarily taints the birds alone, but even most of the animals and humans also could not escape the grip of which. There are many forms of several communicable diseases; the typical form of bird flu is known to be H5N1. If one […]

Be Alert and Stay Cancer Free: Top 5 Cancer Myths and Symptoms You Need To Know.

Cancer is like those uninvited and unwelcome guests in your house who always spreads the undesirable energy whenever they are around. Sometimes it appears without any prior notice too. Cancer symptoms look like normal health obligations sometimes and at times it hits you right away and takes you to the hospital bed. Well, we all know […]

Top 5 things every human should know about their skin: Know Your Skin Condition And Live A Healthy Life

We live with our skin 24*7, contemplating it to be the only thing covering our bones and tissues. We tend to take care of it with the intention of making it look appealing and healthy from outside. But it is not only there to make you look beautiful and to mask the cartilage inside, but […]