Sonya Deville Bio Reveals: A Proud Lesbian Dating Her Girlfriend?

Even the wrestling world has seen the magic of equality. Breaking the stereotypes of man ruling WWE, the American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist Sonya Deville has influenced many youths. Despite having ups and downs in her wrestling career, the never-giving-up spirit of Sonya has brought her this far. Currently, Deville wrestles on the SmackDown brand. In 2015, she […]

Inside Scoop On Bella Pendergast Winding-Up Lesbian Relationship With BFF Bella Throne Along Her Bio And Wiki-facts!

Bella Pendergast, social media celebrity had become the overnight online talking point after she and Bella Throne were seen kissing each other and getting super close following Bella Throne’s bisexual admission and split with Gregg Sulkin. However, Bella Pendergast was also dating Bella T’s brother, Remy, at that time. She has known Bella T since […]

Amanda Nunes Engaged To Her Partner: Soon To Get Married?

Amanda Nunes is a professional MMA fighter who is proficient as well as talented. Currently, she competes for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Amanda is the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Before being a champion of UFC, she fought at Strikeforce and Invicta FC. Over the past few months, there have been loud talks of a possible […]

Salice Rose’ Dating Affair, Partner, Net worth, Career, Bio, Height, Family, Wiki

Unlike before, YouTube undoubtedly replaced television with millions of YouTubers uploading exciting videos every other second. But the YouTuber Salice Rose is champion when it comes to entertaining her viewers and inspire them to do wonders in life. People appear to be interested to know about her dating affairs so, who is her boyfriend? And […]

Is NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Shalita Grant Dating Or Married Someone Already? Exclusive Details Along With Her Net Worth!

Have you ever watched NCIS: New Orleans? If so, then you must be familiar with the character NCIS Agent Sonja Percy, right? Well, her real name is Shalita Grant who is a rising American actress. Appearing in a couple of movies and television series, actress Shalita Grant, whose age is 30 years, is just paving the […]

Have Kate Chastain’s charges been dropped? Will the lesbian ever be in a relationship after a traumatic past experience?

Being a celebrity isn’t always as amazing as we assume it to be. Yes, they do have all kinds of luxury and all. But imagine the dramas and controversies they go through. How would you feel to wake up one morning only to see yourself in a controversial headline? Chief Stewardess of a reality series, […]

WNBA star Diana Taurasi talks about her fairytale wedding with her lesbian partner, opens up about her career highlights!

There are few basketball professionals whose name will be called first while talking about women basketball,  and on that list is the Olympic gold medalist and WNBA winner, Diana Taurasi who is in limelight for her wedding with Lesbain partner. Beginning from school basketball to all the way to WNBA professional is not a small […]

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Loves Talking About Her Lesbian Girlfriend! Titled As Most Powerful Person in Cable News By Forbes!

All you need is guts to show yourself as a lesbian or gay. Our society is not still ready to accept such sexuality. For them, such a thing is taboo, which makes it hard to open up. But some celebrities and media personalities are not shy to show themselves as who they are. For them, […]

Nina Blackwood Turned Lesbian After Divorce With Husband, Who Is Her New Partner?

The trend of gay and lesbian has been prevalent among Hollywood celebrities. When do people realize that their sexual orientation is not what they have been claiming it to be? It mostly happens when a person goes through puberty. Does it have to go through the same pattern in all people’s cases? Guess not! Nina […]

Koren Grieveson Engaged To Anne Burrell, Are There Any News Of Their Marriage?

Engagement is the base of assurance that the couple is willing to live together for life. And for Chef Koren Grieveson, she engaged to her lesbian partner Anne Burrell in 2012 and the news of their engagement was also made public by the couple themselves as they share a great bond with each other. But has […]

News Reporter Lesbian Clare Balding Married Same Sex Girl and Living Blissful Life; What is She Doing Now?

Popular TV news reporter and Lesbian Clare Balding is a heroic persona who already survived through the struggle of cancer. It is courageous work to stand out in the field of work even after being caught by a fatal disease. Hence, we will be discussing today her same-sex marriage and about her girlfriend. Clare Balding […]