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Camilla Rambaldi is a well-known TV journalist. Moreover, she anchors news on Fox San Antonio. Aside from her work, she also loves going on hikes and exploring. The talented news reporter managed to draw a huge following on social media. In fact, she uses Facebook and Twitter regularly. Keep reading to find out her relationship […]

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FOX Channel is one of the most popular TV channels and TV reporters for this channel are highly appealed. Today we are talking about Harris Faulkner who is currently hosting the programme, Fox Report and also the programme Outnumbered Overtime. She is a married woman who hitched with ex-WCCO-TV journalist Tony Berlin and has two […]

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Catherine Herridge is an inspiration to many young people out there as she is the one and the only winner of the Bronze World Medal for excellence in media communication. Catherine is a Canadian author and journalist who is renowned for her works in the field of journalism. She came into the spotlight when she […]

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Shannon Bream is a Fox News anchor who Rupert Murdoch chose for the new renovated late night time show of his television. The Fox News @ Night is going to be the first late-night show with a new woman host which will cover the hard news without opinions. Earlier, the time was allocated for the re-run prime-time […]

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The Fox News reporter and TV host Lauren Simonetti is finally married to him whom she had decided never to marry. Today, we will explore Lauren Simonetti’ married life. Lauren Simonetti’s married life is quite the opposite of what she had planned for her husband. Was there anything so serious which let them decide to remain far […]

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Nowadays, the most common term that we hear is Me Too Movement. The program has created waves around every genre. From the film industry to politics to journalists, this movement has not spared anyone. Apparently, FOX News has its specific story to tell. Caroline Heldman, who is a professor, swirled the big players of FOX […]

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Women aren’t safe anywhere. The #MeToo movement hasn’t spared anyone until now. From top-level officials to public figures to teachers, with each passing day, we are noticing a new victim and a new culprit. However, the audacity of accusing others of their sexual harassments is either commendable or just a publicity stunt. Likewise, Julie Roginsky, […]

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The political experience of many has helped them to pursue their post-retirement career in reporting. There are plenty of instances of those who have accurately applied their political acquaintance in the form of news. Similarly, the former White House Press Secretary, serving under President George W. Bush, Dana Perino is now making her distinction as a political […]

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People say you don’t get promoted for doing their jobs well, but you get it when you demonstrate your potential to do more. Well, I can connect this with Gillian Turner today. Know how she got promoted. Also, know if the beauty is married or dating anyone at present. Just so you know, she was […]

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Gianno Caldwell is an American news correspondent and political analyst. He is the founder of Caldwell Strategic Consulting and is also a paid consultant for government and non-government organizations for bipartisan. Gianno was recently hired as news commentator making him a new face in journalism. As much as Gianno is outspoken about his career, he […]