Debi Segura Biography – Career, Net Worth, Husband, Arrest

Debi Segura is an American journalist who is famous as a former sports anchor for CNN. Furthermore, she is widely known as the wife of the well-known American TV journalist Lou Dobbs. Debi rose to fame after her TV documentary Series 60 Minutes aired in 2007. Would you mind reading the entire article to know […]

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Laura Petrecca is an award-winning multimedia journalist who is an experienced editorial strategist, content specialist, and advisor. The versatile journalist, Laura Petrecca proved her success by working in various top-notch companies of New York. Hence, her successful media journey summons a hefty amount of fortune. So, what is the figure of her net worth? Which organization does she associate with? Likewise, know […]

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The definition of love is something that remains a mystery for everyone. But love doesn’t necessarily mean love between a man and a woman only. The most powerful love in this world is the love of a mother for her child. A mother can face any obstacle for her child and cross any limit. Julie […]

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Conservative pundit Ann Coulter’s sharpest take on the US President, Donald Trump is circulating all over the media sphere. Similarly, Donald Trump’s passive-aggressive response on social media is quite surprisingly thin-skinned. Well, Ann Coulter has been the center of controversies with few hauls on LGBT communities, abortion, Christianity, Immigration, the war on drugs, civil liberties […]

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He earned the recognition of new generation political journalist who prioritized data based coverage in spite of campaign based reporting. It must have rung right name in your head. We are talking about an American Journalist, Harry Enten, senior writer and analyst for CNN Politics. Also, he has the glory of media and communication on […]

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When you make the best out of your professional life, people automatically get curious about the person supporting their success from the shadows. The same thing happened with foreign policy commentator Samantha Vinograd as she had her career shining with lights. Who is Samantha Vinograd husband? Samantha Vinograd is an American political commentator who is working […]

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Katherine Jean Bolduan who is professionally known as Kate Bolduan is an American broadcast journalist. She came into the fame after appearing as the anchor of At This Hour with Kate Bolduan on CNN International. Kate previously used to work as a co-anchor for the CNN program New Day along with co-hosts Michaela Pereira and Chris […]

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The famous journalist Zain Verjee has been at the peak of success for some time now. From a very young age, she has already been a very successful journalist, and her confidence level and hard work have played a massive part in her success. She has always made her parents and family very proud of her […]

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Ana Cabrera is an American female journalist, who is known as a correspondent for CNN based in Denver, Colorado. She is an Emmy Award-winning American journalist and television news anchor. Since working with CNN, Ana has made some impressive reporting and uncovered several happening that brought her full recognition. On a personal note, Ana is […]

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One of the famous American gun control activist Emma Gonzalez is a survivor of the February 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Around 17 people lost their lives and several people getting severely injured in the shooting case. After being the survivor, Gonzalez co-founded the gun control advocacy group named Never Again […]

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Fareed Zakaria is an Indian-American journalist and author famous for being the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. You might know him as the writer of a weekly column for The Washington Post. Well, you might be quite familiar with his professional career, but how much do you know about his personal life? How is […]

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Zain Asher is one of the great personalities with her mind-blowing work in Television, and the excellent shows have got her fame, appreciation, and money. Being one of the most talented financial reporters in the city with her natural skills and talents has won millions of hearts already. Zain is an example in the world […]